My Daily Tweets 11.07.11

  • Make Your Old PC Into a Data Server 12 minutes ago
  • Proposition One: X-rayed Objects without X-rays 14 minutes ago
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 Camera Sees Double 15 minutes ago
  • An hour or so to write all of my posts is pretty much the norm. 13 hours ago
  • Ok, finished for the day. Time for some grub. It’s 9:18PM. Finished a bit later than predicted, but I did it quickly. 13 hours ago
  • Anatomy of a Meme by Supercuts 13 hours ago
  • publicfruit: copyright 2011 | Katie West… 13 hours ago
  • Didnt expect Bates to get arrested or Livinia to die in Dowton Abbey. 14 hours ago
  • She’s always got a stupid smile on her face when she gets caught. 14 hours ago
  • Told her that if she kept eating her boogers, she’s get sick. Then I gave her a bunch of tissues. 14 hours ago
  • By the end of the class, I got annoyed, and gave her the box of tissues we have in our class. She kept saying she didn’t need it. 14 hours ago
  • I don’t get tired of sending them to do this. From time to time, they need a reminder that they have to use tissues. 14 hours ago
  • Must have sent Grade 2 Sylvia 10x to the bathroom to wash her hands. She’s the nose booger eater. Disgusting. 14 hours ago
  • Saw another girl at the math department w knee high high heeled boots. Was a bit strange too. 14 hours ago
  • Saw a girl with skin-tight leggins showing off her granny panties. Was a bit strange. 14 hours ago
  • Didnt take a rest and I learned my lesson. No food until I’m finished working, otherwise I’ll get really groggy and lose focus. 15 hours ago
  • Was tired earlier, bc of lack of sleep. Got up at 6:30AM to do some maths. Homological Algebra. 15 hours ago
  • I wonder if I’ll finish by 8:30PM tonight. 15 hours ago
  • Really liking #TheCorrections. It’s quite unique, Franzen has got a distinctive voice. 15 hours ago
  • FInished #1Q84 last night. Really enjoyed it. Started #TheCorrections by Franzen. 15 hours ago
  • Lots of accidents on the way home in the rain tonight. 15 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 11.06.11 15 hours ago

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