Big Brother UK S12E66 (Channel 5)

I think I wouldn’t have minded if Lou left. She doesn’t have as much of an impact in the BBUK house as Faye. Also, she doesn’t show her bum as much as Faye.

Aaron comes to the diary room. He says that Tom is acting up for the cameras, and didn’t like losing the money. Alex is acting up her ditzy blonde routine, and Jay is now camp. Lou is trying to be disruptive.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a big chavy.
Tom about Jay’s look

There is a VT about what the HM think about what the other HM wear.

Even when she’s dressed like a scruff, she’s fit as fuck.
Jay about Lou

Aaron isn’t speaking to anyone. It looks like he misses Faye. Lou and Alex talk about modeling.

BB gathers the HM. They have to divide the money. They’ve got 5 hours to decide. Lou proposes to do choose randomly. They’ve decided to split the money evenly when they get out. Tom gets a tenner, Jay gets £15K, Alex gets £30K, Lou has got £4K, Aaron has £990.

Tom tells Aaron that they won’t be getting any money. Alex comes to the diary room to say that she’ll give her granddad £3K. She owes him that money. He paid for her car insurance and her training.

The final five have been called to the diary room to be grilled by BB.

Simmer down, we get that you’re sexually active, ya tramp.
Tom about Barbie

They talk about David Cameron and the offside rule in football. Then, they talk about their beliefs and values. Jay’s and Aaron’s are good.

Homophobic, what is it?

Tom and Alex are talking about the prize money. Aaron gets the names from BB. He’s got to put them on the display. Once the timer reaches 0, BB takes it as their final decision.

BB makes the HM play a game because Aaron has been quiet. It’s called Pass the Dare. First up, Alex has got to swim like an otter in the swimming pool. Lou has got to suck Alex’s toe. Jay has got to snog Aaron. Tom needs to get naked. Jay then needs to act like a dog and lick a HM’s face. He starts with Aaron and moves on to Lou. Aaron has got to do a strip-tease for Tom. He gets naked as well.

Tom tells Aaron that he thinks that he knows will win. He says that it’s either Aaron or Alex. Aaron says that he would be astonished if Lou would win. Tom thinks that Jay is the next to go if there’s an eviction because Aaron has beaten Jay in each eviction. Tom says that Aaron and Faye will have sex at the wrap party.

Lou tells Jay that she would marry him. Then she calls for a vicar. She’s a bit tipsy.

The HM with the least votes will be evicted on Thursday.

* * * * *

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