Big Brother UK S12E68 (Channel 5)

It’s the morning after the party. The house is a mess. Aaron is up making his tea. He makes some for the HM as well. I think Tom and Lou get some.

Jay and Lou haven’t gotten up. BB calls them to the diary room. They are told off.

It looks like the odds have slightly changed. Alex is the favorite at 66-1. Lou is at 6-4, Tom is at 4-5, Jay is at 16-1, and Aaron is at 4-1.

Jay is still pissed off at Aaron. They haven’t spoken much. Later, he says that he won’t do BB again. It’s been bad for him and Aaron is making life worse for him.

The HM are talking about sex with rude words. Aaron is called to the diary room. He whinges again about the HM talking about sex. He says that he lied during the audition process. He won’t talk to Lou and Jay again.

Jay is told off for using inappropriate language while talking about Aaron. He said something about kicking in Aaron’s head.

The HM have been given balloon suits. Inside each balloon is a tag with a prize. In order to win these prizes, they must make it around a prickly obstacle course without bursting all balloons. There are 2 naughty clowns and a gorilla who will try to burst them. They win some prizes.

Wasn’t WWII in the 60s?
Tom being dim

Lou is called to the diary room for sleeping during the day. She is told that the bedroom is off limits until further notice. Lou can’t stop laughing. She tells the HM that it was because she was nervous.

One of the prizes was Jay’s bootcamp. He must shout for the entire duration of the task. He’s got to take the HM to the garden in the next 2 minutes. Aaron escapes by going into the diary room.

Alex chooses Aaron to be her slave. The HM get some takeaway. Jay tries to break down a door. He gets called to the diary room.

The HM eat their food. Jay gets upset and wants some time off. He has a cry in the garden. Then he gets called into the diary room. Aaron is ruining the last 4 days for everyone. He’s causing an atmosphere.

Jay tells Lou that he converted his anger into being upset. BB unlocks the bedroom.

* * * * *

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