Big Brother UK S12E69 (Channel 5)

There are 3 days left. Aaron and Jay haven’t spoken, even if they were in the bathroom together and smoking together. It’s getting to Jay. They start talking. Jay says that he did it because he wanted to get something.

Aaron is just digging a hole for himself. Jay comes to talk to the HM. Aaron walks in. Jay says that they are talking about him. He should join in. Lou says that Aaron is being rude.

The odds have slightly changed. Lou is at 6-4, Alex is at 66-1, Tom is at 10-11, Jay is at 16-1, and Aaron is at 7-2. He’s going down. For now at least, Tom might be leaving on Thursday. Lou is the next one out.

You are a 30-year old child.

Jay tells that he will follow Aaron about and do his head him. He calls him a radgie. Jay is laying it out. Aaron is spoiling it for everyone. Jay is getting angry. He’s right though, Aaron is being a total dick.

BB has organized a pampering session in preparation for an OK Magazine shoot later on. Aaron and Jay get waxed. Tom gets a haircut. Aaron says that he wants to get waxed all over. He had it done before and didn’t walk straight for three days.

I’m glad I haven’t got pubes like that.

Lou tells Alex that they won’t talk about the Aaron situation anymore.

It does get a bit more painful the further down you go.

I wonder if they’re having back, crack, and sack.

It’s funny because Aaron is crying in pain. He needs to take a break to go to the bathroom.

-How’s you dick?
-Is it bleeding?
-A little bit.
Jay and Aaron

Aaron takes a peak at his privates. Jay says that he was sorry about the way he carried on in the house. Jay apologizes.

The HM are getting haircuts by Lee Stafford. He gives Lou a short fringe. I don’t like it. It looks a bit ridiculous. He says that Alex hasn’t got any hair because she uses so much bleach.

Tom wants BB to switch on the hair dryers. BB says that they will be switched on after they clean up a bit. Tom gets annoyed at this.

Lou looks completely ridiculous. You’d expect a model to have a better fashion sense. Her hats are totally shitty. It’s time for photo shoot.

The HM answer some viewer questions. Tom is in a pissy mood. He goes to have a sulk. Then a cry. A bit later, he goes to have another cry in the toilet. Alex finds him. He says that he wants some time alone. She leaves. Then he gets called to the diary room. He’s having more of a cry. It’s getting a bit pathetic. BB asks him if he wants to be cheered up. Tom says a little bit. BB plays him a song. He starts to dance and smile. He says that he feels better.

Aaron tells Tom that Alex loves him. Aaron says that Alex is obsessed with him. Aaron says that Alex probably thinks that she found her soulmate. There isn’t anyone else who’ll spend the night up talking about their favorite toe. Later, Alex and Tom cuddle. There is some major flirting going on. Tom tells her that she’s beautiful.

Aaron and Jay are talking about the way that Aaron behaves. They are talking again properly. Aaron says that Lou and him are the weak links. It’s between Jay, Tom and Alex.

* * * * *

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