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Ozzy’s stupid plan got him evicted in this episode. There wasn’t much that he could do, since he didn’t have an idol (he wasted it on Whitney a few shows back) and he didn’t win immunity. As soon as he got eliminated from the immunity challenge, I knew how it would fall. It went according to plan and Ozzy was sent packing. This episode packed in two full tribals, so Jim tried to save himself but didn’t manage to. He also got sent packing. The Upolus are picking off the old Savaiis pretty quickly. Now that they’ve eliminated the most threatening of the Savaiis, it’s time to finish them off. Then, the game will get interesting once again.

* * * * *

Cochran voted Keith off during the second vote last week. Immediately when they arrive back at camp, Ozzy wants to talk. Cochran says that he wasn’t going to put his fate in picking rocks. Ozzy says that he screwed him over and stabbed him in the back. Jim walks up and says that Cochran is a piece of shit coward, and a poor excuse for a man. He says never to talk to him again. Whitney tells Cochran that she saved him three times with Keith. She’s pissed. She says that he disgusts her and that he threw the tribe under the bus.

Cochran joins the Upolus. Coach is pretty happy the next day. Coach asks Cochran who he’d like to go next. Cochran says that in terms of strategy, he’d like Ozzy to go, but on a personal level, it’s Jim.

It’s time for the next challenge. They will toss coconuts attempting to land them in a ring. The first 4 move on. Then, they will crack the coconuts, make their way through an obstacle tower, and fill up a tube. The first person to fill it up wins immunity. Dawn lands one. Whitney lands one in the second round. Jim and Sophie land one. Ozzy is pissed. Sophie is in the lead. She’s pretty quick. Jim is now in 2nd. Jim pulls ahead with the water level. Jim is just short. Sophie pukes her water up, so she loses immunity because of this. Jim wins immunity.

Brandon tells him alliance that they should vote for Ozzy. Ozzy no longer has the idol.

Dawn tries to cozy up to Coach. Whitney and Jim are commiserating about what Cochran did. Jim says that he will give Ozzy the immunity necklace. Then he’ll make a speech to vote for Cochran. Jim needs two tribe mates to flip and vote Cochran off. He mentions an added benefit of this. The old Upolu won’t have time to talk things over, so they’ll be faced trying to make up their minds on who to vote for.

It’s time for tribal. Cochran says that Jim was the loudest. He says that he wasn’t going to put his fate in drawing rocks. The last time this happened was in season 4. Jim says that time and time again they saved Cocrhan only to be stabbed in the back. Brandon says that it’s poetic justice, compared to their tone in the last tribal. Brandon says that the whole Upolu tribe is standing behind Cochran. That’s a powerful statement. Jim says that he thought about giving the immunity necklace to Ozzy. Jim makes the speech to vote for Cochran. What Jim is saying doesn’t make much sense and Coach doesn’t bite. He says that if they don’t support Cochran, it means that if you stand up for yourself in this game, you get screwed over. He says that he won’t have that. I’m getting to really like Coach this season, way better than in seasons’ past.

Ozzy says that if he goes to Redemption, he won’t have 11 people to feed. He’ll have to look after himself, and that’s it. He’ll get lots of rest, and take them out one by one because they will have to vote some of their own out, including Cochran. Jim keeps the necklace. I didn’t think he was going to take the risk of giving it up.

Votes to Evict

Ozzy Cochran
Dawn Cochran
Jim Cochran
Whitney Cochran

Cochran Ozzy

Coach Ozzy
Albert Ozzy
Brandon Ozzy
Edna Ozzy
Rick Ozzy
Sophie Ozzy

Man, if Ozzy wouldn’t have played the idol, he would have been able to save himself and get Cochran voted out. Jim wrote something that had to be censored on his vote. Ozzy is voted out by a 7-4 vote.

Ozzy arrives at Redemption. Keith knew he was coming. This is like a double episode. Ozzy spends some time exploring the reef. It’s the first time he got the opportunity to explore it. He gets some big fish. The fish is almost 15lbs. They eat some sashimi first.

It’s time for the next challenge for Te Tuna. They are going to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. At a certain point, they will move forward to an even narrower portion of the beam. The tribe mates who sit the challenge out get to eat. They get pastries and iced coffee. Coach looks mortified because he wanted to compete. Jim, Dawn and whitney will compete. All of the others will eat, including Cochran.

I don’t want to talk, I want to eat.

Jim is the first one out. Dawns says that she will try to stay in the challenge as long as possible so that her tribe can eat. Whatever. This is a last minute ploy to try and save herself form a sinking ship. The eating has slowed. Upolu has finished eating. Brandon likes how well Dawn recovered. Dawn falls. Whitney wins immunity.

Jim tries to get Albert and Sophie to flip their votes. He wants them to vote for Edna. Albert isn’t interested and neither is Sophie. Albert wants to get rid of Dawn because she is more likeable. He asks Coach. Coach sees Dawn as a snake and Jim as a rhinoceros.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff lays it out. It’s between Dawn or Jim. Brandon says that they are being nice because they have to. Otherwise, Upolu will send them packing. They get into a little tiff. Brandon says that none of them are going to falter until the Savaiis are gone. Whitney has a little cry because they are being vilified. Whatever. Poor me and too late.

Votes to Evict

Dawn Edna
Jim Edna
Whitney Edna

Cochran Jim

Coach Jim
Albert Jim
Brandon Jim
Edna Jim
Rick Jim
Sophie Jim

Jim is voted out by a 7-3 vote. That’s how the votes are going to go until the Savaiis are wiped out.

* * * * *

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45 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Cut Throat S23E09 (CBS)”

  1. I was wondering about that double episode. When Ozzy was voted out, I thought, wow, that hour sure flew by. And then I was confused as the episode just kept going.

    The teaser for this week is that Cochran might flip again. Now, that, would be interesting to watch. I like Cochran. He is the most entertaining of all of them right now.

    I agree about Coach. He’s mellowed and actually sounds sane this season. Is it all an act?

    I’m not warming up to Dawn. Her flattery is so blatant and nauseating. I’m glad they can see through that. Although, it makes me wonder why everyone keeps saying she’s so nice. They all agree she’s kissing butt. They acknowledge it but are still falling for it? Doesn’t make sense.

    Can’t wait to see what Cochran has up his sleeve this week. Did you notice that someone, Jim, I think, wrote down Cochran’s name as coc? Trying to be a prick about it, wasn’t he?

    1. Yeah I saw that, probably something like Cockshit or Cockf*cker. Jim is a prick, there’s no doubt about that.

      Yep, I was surprised too, only when Ozzy left, I saw there there was about 18 min left, so I knew that it was a double. I don’t really like Dawn. Her teeth are really sparkling white though, it’s almost blinding. That whole Mormon swimsuit put me off her.

      Cochran is interesting, but he doesn’t have enough confidence. Maybe now, he’s getting some more.

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