Terra Nova Nightfall S01E06 (Fox)

Terra Nova billboard via Fox

It took some time, but I’m glad that we managed to see Terra Nova. The pilot had been delayed for a while, ever since last May. I didn’t expect much, since I don’t really keep apprised of the latest TV news, but I was happily surprised with the pilot. The setting is quite interesting. While the future 2149 setting isn’t really that important, it set the mood nicely. It was a sort of Big Brother-like future, where people weren’t allowed to have many children and the Earth was becoming non-sustainable for human life. The time fracture, opening 85 million years into the past, allows different pilgrimages to settle in healthy biosphere, but populated by dinosaurs. I like the fact that this isn’t the same timeline as before. They entered another worldine, which is the only way that this could make sense.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A meteor discharges an EMP and makes life difficult at the colony, especially since Mira uses this as an opportunity to get her mystery box back.

* * * * *

Maddy sneaks out for a date.

Malcolm is scanning Mira’s mystery object. The object is coded to her DNA. Only she can open it. Hunter has been drunk for a week because he drank some unfermented root. He’s got a parasite growing inside of him, a 30 footer at least.

Jim takes Zoe out to see the supercomputer they have at Terra Nova. It’s some kind of archive with a holographic projector. They call it the eye.

A meteor crashes near Terra Nova. The EMP will disable their technology. Actually, even before it crashes, there is an EMP and the tech is toast. Then, there is a shockwave. It’s kind of like detonating a nuclear device in the atmosphere to generate an EMP. EMPs fry electronic circuits. The only electronics that can survive are EMP hardened devices.

Jim and Zoe are caught in the eye. The doors are locked. Maddy and her soldier boy are OTG without anyone knowing where they are.

Boylan is the only one who can fix fused computer chips. He tries to haggle with Taylor, but Taylor isn’t interested. There is even a chip in the chip fabricator. Once they repair it, they can crank out chips by the dozen.

Hunter needs an operation and they have to physically cut into him. Liz finds it and tries to extract it. Skye has to help out, but it snags. They need the biobed functional again.

Mira gets word that the colony is dark. It’s time to strike. She’s going for the box. They are steering a stegosaurus towards the gates of Terra Nova.

Jim has to send Zoe into a shaft to get to the other side in order to open up the emergency exit. Jim gets out after singing a go away spider song for Zoe, who’s afraid of them. He kind of talks to her like she’s a toddler, but she’s a lot older than that. At least 6 or 7 years old.

Shannon comes out just in time to see the dino heading for the gates. They use some bows and lighted arrows to put a fire on outside the gates. It’S enough to scare it away. They can see that there is something on the back of the dino. It’s been herded. Taylor knows that it’s the Sixers. They are after the box.

Boylan completes the first chip. Josh brings it to the infirmary. Taylor and Shannon go to the labs. There is a Sixer already in side. Taylor gets shot by an arrow. There is a scuffle. A Sixer gets away with the box, but Shannon is after him while Taylor takes care of the giant. Boylan uses an old peashooter to take care of the giant.

The other one is using the roofs to try and escape. Mira gets the box. Then she goes to meet Taylor’s son Lucas. The box is his. He says he needs it for his work. It’s some kind of computer terminal. He opens it up. She was told to bring it through the portal and deliver it to him.

They are able to save Hunter. Maddy and her boyfriend make it through as well. She’s even able to pretend that she didn’t go anywhere and did her homework.

* * * * *

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