The Amazing Race A Trip for Two to Fiji S19E08 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams are leaving Malawi for Copenhagen, Denmark. There is a Double U-Turn ahead. They must drive themselves to Vor Frelsers Kirke bell tower.

Andy/Tommy are feeling the pressure of winning 5 legs. Ernie/Cindy plan on using the U-Turn. All of the teams leave within a few minutes of each other.

Laurence/Zac fly through London. All of the other teams fly to Amsterdam. Bill/Cathi and Ernie/Cindy are on Norwegian Air arriving at 11PM instead of 8:20AM. Laurence/Zac are landing at 8:30PM. Andy/Tommy and Jeremy/Sandy take Climber Air and will arrive at 10:35PM.

Amani/Marcus aren’t checking for flights. They take the general booked flight that lands at 8:20AM.

Laurence/Zac have got a 2h lead. The bell tower opens at 7:30AM. Jeremy/Sandy and Andy/Tommy land shortly followed by Bill/Cathi and Ernie/Cindy. All of the teams are ahead of Amani/Marcus.

The teams get into the bell tower. Teams must climb over 400 steps. There is a banner on top of the tower and a clue on some building. This is their clue. Their next destination is the Frederiksborg Slot, a very famous castle on a river.

For some reason, Jeremy/Sandy head to another castle. It’s actually a restaurant.

Laurence/Zac are first, followed by Ernie/Cindy. They face a Roadblock. Teams must perform a Renaissance dance after donning period-appropriate costumes. A Countess is judging them. Ernie and Zac do it.

Ernie and Cindy are cute in their VT when they talk about the Roadblock. They keep laughing. Cindy thought that it was so cute that Ernie was getting taught a dance.

Jeremy/Sandy decide to start over. Amani/Marcus arrive.

Bill/Cathi arrive. Cathi does it. Bill met Cathi when he was 13. She was 12. They got married when they graduated and they’ve been together ever since.

Ernie passes his first routine. Then he passes his second. The last one was pretty complex, but he passes it. Ernie also danced with a dude. Teams must drive themselves to Frilandmuseet.

Andy starts dancing. Amani/Marcus are lost but Marcus doesn’t want to ask directions.

Cathi passes her first dance. Zac is still practicing.

-You’ve tried it before?
Andy and his dance instructor

Cathi was really good as well.

Ernie/Cindy face a Detour. All Hopped Up requires both team members to consecutively lead a rabbit through a steeplechase course. In All Churned Up, they must work fresh cream into butter. Ernie/Cindy do some butter.

It smells good though, I’d like to lick it all up.

Andy passes his first and second dance. He finishes. They leave. Zac is still dancing. Jeremy/Sandy arrive. Sandy does some dancing. Now Amani/Marcus are in the countryside and decide to ask for directions. They are not near anything. They have to stop a car.

Bill/Cathi do All Churned Up. Zac finally finishes the dance. At least he didn’t give up.

It would have taken me a while, but I would have probably landed it a little quicker, but that’s my forte, that what I do.

Laurence, being a dick to his son Zac

Ernie/Cindy finish and leave for the Karlstrup Windmill. They arrive at the Double U-Turn. They decide to U-Turn Bill/Cathi. Teams must drive themselves to Havet Ship, the next pit stop for this leg of the race. Cindy insisted on U-Turning.

We can’t be nice anymore, it’s a million dollars.

Andy/Tommy arrive and do some butter. Bill/Cathi decide to U-Turn Laurence/Zac because they are further behind. They do some bunnies.

Amani/Marcus arrive at the castle. Amani does the dancing. The rabbits are no problem for Cathi/Bill. Sandy completes the dance.

Amani looked like she was having lots of fun dancing. Laurence/Zac do the butter.

Ernie/Cindy finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Fiji. Andy/Tommy finish their Roadblock. They are leaving for the pit stop. They can’t believe they weren’t U-Turned.

Jeremy/Sandy are lost. Jeremy blames Sandy. Amani/Marcus do the bunnies. Laurence/Zac finish with the butter and now have to do some bunnies.

Marcus does some bunny whispering to encourage his bunny. They finish and leave for the pit stop.

Bill/Cathi finish 2nd. Andy/Tommy are 3rd. Jeremy/Sandy do All Churned Up. Laurence/Zac finish with the bunnies and head to the pit stop.

Amani/Marcus finish 4th. Laurence/Zac head the wrong way and then hit traffic. Jeremy/Sandy finish the butter. Laurence does some bad driving.

Jeremy/Sandy finish 5th. Great! Laurence/Zac are out.

* * * * *

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