The Amazing Race It’s Speedo Time S19E09 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams make their way to the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. They face a Roadblcok which involves memorizing a Hans Christian Andersen poem. They must ride a bike to a theater and recite it. Cindy does it. The poem is only 4 lines. She gets it on the 1st try and gets the clue.

Teams must drive to LEGOland. Bill/Cathi are at the statue. Cathi does it. Tommy does this. Amani tries to do it while Marcus is trying to distract her. He thinks he’s helping her. He’s an idiot.

Both Cathi and Tommy are lost. Amani beats them to the theater. She gets it on the first try and leaves with the clue. Marcus is impressed and both Bill and Andy can’t believe it.

Cathi misses it on the first go. Ha! English professor my ass! Bill said that she would have no problem with this.

Jeremy/Sandy arrive. Cathi comes back and then leaves.

Ernie/Cindy arrive at LEGOland. Teams need to assemble a LEGO puzzle while being spun on a ride. Cathi had time to go back and come back to the theater. Tommy finally finds the theater. Cathi gets it on her second try. She gets her clue. Sandy arrives. Tommy doesn’t do any actions, so he has to do it again. For some reason, he decides to ride back instead of staying and doing it again. Sandy gets the same comment.

Tommy is getting mad. His second try, he almost misses his cue, but he gets it. He gets the clue. Sandy gets it too.

Ernie/Cindy complete the puzzle. They must drive across the border into Germany. They have to go to Hamburg’s Haupt Bahnhoff, the main train station.

Amani/Marcus arrive. Amani doesn’t like spinning things. Amani is about to throw up. She doesn’t and they leave.

Both Bill/Cathi and Andy/Tommy are lost.

Andy/Tommy arrive when Amani/Marcus leave. Jeremy/Sandy beat Bill/Cathi to LEGOland. Jeremy/Sandy lose a piece.

Spin to win.

Sandy is going to throw up. They have to start over. They complete it and leave.

Ernie/Cindy arrive in Hamburg. They must take a train to Brussels in Belgium. They lose their train tickets.

We may vomit before we get it.

Andy/Tommy are now in 2nd. Amani/Marcus arrive, as do Jeremy/Sandy. All the teams are on the same train. Ernie/Cindy go looking for their tickets. They don’t have enough euros to buy new ones. Cindy is freaking out. The conductor can’t really help them out since they didn’t keep their receipts. That was stupid.

They get on the train anyway. No one checked the tickets, so they were fine. There is a huge line at the train station at the taxi line. Bill/Cathi and Andy/Tommy jump into some taxis.

Teams must show off their physiques in a bodybuilding routine. They need to don speedos and spray tan themselves.

My business is hanging out.

On their first try, Ernie/Cindy get 9. They need to get 12pts in order to pass. Andy/Tommy get 4. Marcus is having a good time. They get 12 and they pass on their first try. They make their way to the next pit stop, Parc Elisabeth. On their second try, Andy/Tommy get 5. On their second try, Ernie/Cindy get 12. Bill/Cathi get 3. On their 2nd pass Jeremy/Sandy get 13. They leave.

Amani/Marcus’ taxi driver didn’t know where Parc Elisabeth was, so they had to ask for directions. Amani/Marcus finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Panama. The next leg of the race starts right now.

* * * * *

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