Terra Nova Vs S01E08 (Fox)

Terra Nova billboard via Fox

It took some time, but I’m glad that we managed to see Terra Nova. The pilot had been delayed for a while, ever since last May. I didn’t expect much, since I don’t really keep apprised of the latest TV news, but I was happily surprised with the pilot. The setting is quite interesting. While the future 2149 setting isn’t really that important, it set the mood nicely. It was a sort of Big Brother-like future, where people weren’t allowed to have many children and the Earth was becoming non-sustainable for human life. The time fracture, opening 85 million years into the past, allows different pilgrimages to settle in healthy biosphere, but populated by dinosaurs. I like the fact that this isn’t the same timeline as before. They entered another worldine, which is the only way that this could make sense.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This was probably one of the best episodes of this series. We finally learn something of the real plot. Why the Sixers were sent back and why Lucas turned against his father. It turns out that Taylor is actively fighting the future in an effort to preserve Terra Nova and this new world. If the Sixers and their 2149 allies had their way, they’d suck it dry. This seems somewhat odd, as the Sixers don’t really look like the corporate kind, and more like some hippies. However, Lucas is trying to make the portal work both ways and he can communicate with the other side, so there’s a lot going on. It’s too bad that Taylor wasted the opportunity to find out who the real spy on Terra Nova was. Or he might already know who it is. That actually makes a lot more sense.

* * * * *

Mira is using some dragonflies to spy on Terra Nova?

Taylor is questioning Boylan. He isn’t talking, so they use some Guantanamo Bay techniques on him.

Josh wants Jim to check up on Boylan. Jim does so and finds that Taylor drugged him up maybe a bit too much. Taylor wants to know how he’s been communicating with Mira and he’s not going to let him go.

When Taylor leaves, Boylan says that the truth is buried near the Pilgrim’s tree. Malcolm shows Jim where the tree is. It’s the tree on which Taylor stayed when he first arrived on Terra Nova. Jim goes digging and finds some human remains.

He brings them back for Elizabeth to examine. He hasn’t told Taylor and wants to find out who this was. She can’t ID him. He came through the portal between the 2nd and 3rd pilgrimages.

A patrol is sent out on a supply run. My guess is that the Sixers will ambush it. Yep, that’s what’s going to happen. They go for the supplies.

The dragonfly is swatted by a soldier while the kids are rehearsing a play. Maddy points out the microcircuitry on it. This is how Mira has been communicating with her spies.

The patrol comes back. Wash put the convoy together after Boylan was in the hole, so there’s another spy. The Sixers knew everything about the convoy. Taylor decides to release Boylan.

Boylan says that he helped Taylor bury the body. He says that Taylor called him and he found him over the body, wrapped in a blanket. Taylor kept blabbering on about how Lucas had called the guy and he had come through the portal. That was the last night anyone saw Lucas Taylor. Boylan got the bar by using this info.

Malcolm discovers the remains and says that he’ll tell Taylor. Shannon says that he got an anonymous note about the location of the body. Taylor says that the guy is a Sixer.

Malcolm figures out that the Sixers are using an ultrasonic signal to lure the dragonflies. He also managed to surgically repair the dragonfly’s wing, so they can use it to trace the spy. They trace the spy to the Shannons’ house.

Jim thinks that the body belongs to General Philbrick. He only has one arm. He was Taylor’s CO. Then, they arrest Jim. It seems awfully convenient. It was orchestrated by Taylor to stop Shannon from investigating. Taylor confesses to killing Philbrick. He came to relieve Taylor. The people who sent Philbrick are the same as the ones who sent the Sixers. The fracture was one way. That’s unless Lucas has anything to say about it. Lucas came on the 2nd pilgrimage, but he was already on the other side. He was working on a way to make the portal work both ways. He destroyed his work and followed Lucas OTG. Lucas said that he was waiting for someone. Philbrick appeared out of nowhere.

The general tried to relieve him after saying that Hope Plaza wasn’t in charge, other people were. Then he had to deal with his son. He exiled him.

It sounds like the Sixers are wring for the corporations, trying to exploit Terra Nova, trying to mine it dry. Taylor says that Shannon is free to go. Shannon says that he will fight with Taylor against these people. Fight the future!

Malcolm quickly guesses that Taylor planted an emitter at Shannon’s place. Jim confides in Elizabeth.

* * * * *

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