My Daily Tweets 11.22.11

  • Geninne’s DIY Linen iPad Cozy & Other Felt Cases 10 hours ago
  • Star Wars Escape from Docking Bay 327 Diorama: Lights Up Like a Christmas Tree 10 hours ago
  • iPhone Lens Dial Case: Ugly and Expensive, Still Cool for iPhone Camera Addicts 10 hours ago
  • Terra Nova Vs S01E08 (Fox) 21 hours ago
  • Terra Nova Proof S01E07 (Fox) 21 hours ago
  • My guess is that Micro will be out in a couple of days. Quite popular. 22 hours ago
  • Both novels will probably pop up as ebooks in a couple of days or weeks. Took about that to get The Prague Cemetery. 22 hours ago
  • New Crichton and Bolano? Crap, how will I find the time to read them. I’m already reading 7 books at the same time. 22 hours ago
  • @glass @amazon I guess that $1 MP3 credit won’t make up for that. 22 hours ago
  • “Requires a Facebook account” is like “Best viewed in Netscape 4.” 19 Nov
  • Aline Weber for Harper’s Bazaar Spain 23 hours ago
  • Taught, ate, and had time to check up on all of my feeds. Only thing I didn’t do this morning was write my posts. 23 hours ago
  • Got some dog food and some people food, emptied the cat’s stinky litter, picked up another 2 checks, 23 hours ago
  • I’m one of the few teachers who manages to mark everything during class time. I take no marking home. 23 hours ago
  • I hate Mondays when I have to give my grade 4 class their bi-weekly test bc it involves giving each kid an oral test, then marking. 23 hours ago
  • @DreTW @taispy I just live with it, and drive my scooter in the fast lane. 23 hours ago
  • @Joelle_writes My last car was a Subie WRX STI. I sold it before moving to Asia back in 2006. I ride scooters now, very fast, but cheap. 22 Nov
  • One reason why I no longer work in social media… I don’t give a flying bag of farts about trending topics. They make my eyes burn. 22 Nov
  • @DreTW @taispy I see those too, that’s so dangerous. That and the scooter gangs, roaring about. 22 Nov
  • @DreTW @taispy I find it strange that people don’t wear full protection on scooters. I wear a moto jacket, gloves, boots and helmet 22 Nov
  • @taispy @DreTW There are many bad drivers in Taiwan. Personally, I find that there are a lot more than back in Canada. 22 Nov
  • Adobe customers: You suck, Adobe. Adobe: Right back at ya, brah. Now shut up and hand over all your money again. 22 Nov
  • We’re studying Hom and Ext functors in Homological Algebra. It’s quite interesting. 22 Nov
  • Drinking an espresso before heading back to work. 22 Nov
  • Deadly New Clashes in Egypt’s Tahrir Square – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 22 Nov
  • Homological algebra HW this morning. I need more coffee. 22 Nov
  • iPad Giveaway: get all @themify WordPress themes for just $69. Contest details: 22 Nov
  • @Joelle_writes New M-83 is pretty good. 22 Nov
  • Do you live in one of the world’s ten most literary cities? I don’t. ( 22 Nov
  • Zombies?!? In MY Roberto Bolaño?? MT @FSG_Books A Bolaño animation about zombies by @GrantaMag: 22 Nov
  • My Daily Tweets 11.21.11 22 Nov

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