Fringe Novation S04E05 (Fox)

Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Fringe intertitle, image via Wikipedia

It’s fitting that this show will premiere on Fox, since this was the network of the X-Files. Fringe has got much in common with the X-Files, yet it is different. Fringe is the latest show of wunderkind J.J. Abrams. Like most new shows, the pilot was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago.

Just like a few other shows, like True Blood, I’m happily surprised by Fringe. The production values are great and I’m enjoying it a lot. A lot of money has been pumped into this show, and it just looks fabulous. The protagonists are also an interesting bunch. There isn’t much more that we learn of the Pattern, but Massive Dynamics is most definitely deeply connected with those events, even though they aren’t sharing their information with Agent Dunham.

I think that this show takes a few common elements from Alias, especially for all the things that concerned the mystic scholar Milo Rambaldi. The same kind of esoteric science is involved in this show. It’s done very well. I’d actually like to see this type of mystic science have more of an impact on the show. It would suit the show very well. A bit of the supernatural wouldn’t be bad either.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Fringe is one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s getting better and better, and I like it maybe a bit more than X-Files. Why? There are less filler episodes. Most episodes deal with the mythology of the show.

Peter is in a cell and no one recognizes him. He’s got a lot of knowledge about Fringe Division, and no one really knows what to do with him. Walter won’t see him because he freaks him out. There are new shape shifters about, and they are a lot harder to detect. The trouble is that they don’t know why they are here.

* * * * *

The code for this week is STILL.

Peter is brought to Fringe Division. They put him in a cell.

Walter uses sodium thiopental, a barbiturate, to sleep and adrenaline to wake him up. The man will only talk to Walter.

Some lady has been replaced by a shape changer. She’s looking for some research files.

Broyles tells Walter that they ran a DNA test. There’s a 99% chance that this man is related to Walter. Peter wants to know why no one remembers him. He realizes that when Walter crossed over into the other world, the alternate Peter died. The Observer didn’t save Peter.

Lee calls Dunham. There’s a case involving a shapechanger. Malcolm Truss was a research scientist who worked at Massive Dynamic 10 years ago. Dr. Truss no longer lives here. They divorced years ago. After they separated, Trust went off the grid. He lives in Vermont. The shapechanger finds him and abducts him. It spins him some ploy about needed his research to cure her. They developed cellular replication, but the procedure didn’t take. She was a terminally ill cancer patient and went into full remission, but she’s still dying.

After her mother died, Nina took care of Olivia and her sister. They went to live with her. They don’t say if Nina adopted Olivia. They go to see Sharp to ask about Truss. Trust used to work on cellular replication. It would help severely injured patients.

Peter rigs the intercom to listen in. He talks to them. He wants to help so that he can talk with his father again. He knows a lot about shapechangers. He didn’t know that there are now new ones that are human-hybrids variants.

A sheriff’s deputy sees Trust’s car. He reports it in, but is killed by the shapechanger.

Bell shut down Trust’s research project in 2001 because of ethical concerns. He didn’t tell Trust why. It’s probably because he knew it would lead people to shapechangers.

Peter discovers that the new shape shifters can swap between all of the identities that they’ve taken at will. They replicate their victims down to the molecular level, so they are basically indistinguishable from humans, unless they operate and find the memory disk. They are the perfect infiltrators.

The shifters are broadcasting some kind of signal. Peter needs more CPU power to decode it. The shifters has got GPS.

Truss is brought to a lab. He tells the shifter that he can fix her. He tries to fix it and she reverts to the shape of his ex-wife.

They find the shifter’s lab. She takes the blood on which Trust was working on and tries to escape. It looks like she took over an FBI agent and staged that the shifter jumped off the roof into the water. They recover his body a bit later.

The shifter has gotten away.

It also looks like they might have infiltrated Fringe Division. It’s that or Dunham is going loony.

Walter comes to see Peter. Peter still wants his help to fix this. Walter thinks that he needs to be punished for what he did. He doesn’t deserve Peter. Walter says that the boy he took from the other side wasn’t his son and neither is Peter.

The shifter tries to fix itself. It uses a typewriter to communicate with the others side. The other side is sending more shifters.

* * * * *

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