Justin Michael @ Luxy Taipei

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I try to go to most electronic music DJs in Taipei, and when I heard that Justin Michael, an LA based DJ that’s not that well known, I decided to go to Luxy. I hadn’t been to Luxy yet, and it was an interesting experience. I met up with a friend and we arrived a little before 1AM. That was perfect, because Justin Michael started at around 1AM. The place was packed, and stayed packed until 4AM.

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My Daily Tweets 12.29-30.11

  • Spent 22hrs awake and then slept for 8. I was expecting longer. 3 minutes ago
  • @yiiee At least nothing’s coming out of her bum. My cat likes to eat ribbons. Hasn’t done so in a while, but it isn’t pretty either. 4 minutes ago
  • Gizmon iCA Camera Case Turns New iPhones into Old Leicas wp.me/pWvW-6w2 10 minutes ago
  • I think I’ll just go to bed. Getting drowsy and it’s already 6AM. Going out for NYE at ATT w Dave Seaman and Christian Smith 9 hours ago
  • Looking forward to tomorrow, Dave Seaman, Christian Smith. Hopefully a nice dancefloor that’s not sardine city 9 hours ago
  • One thing I learned is that if you want to dance, don’t go to Luxy. I felt like a turnstile. 9 hours ago
  • Lots of foreigners. Probably the most foreigners that I’ve seen in a long time. 9 hours ago
  • Met some Germans who said that there were lots of Germans in Taipei. Talked German. They were surprised that I was fluent and had no accent 9 hours ago
  • The lasers at the entry are a bit confusing. It makes it look like mirrors are everywhere. Still, it was cool. I had fun 9 hours ago
  • The DJ certainly was having fun. At one pt, he was on his decks, jumping about. Gogo girls were sexy. 9 hours ago
  • Around minute 50, my daughter announced that we should leave _The Muppets_. I could only love her more if she’d said it 51 minutes earlier. 9 hours ago
  • Facebook’s core competency: basically just a reminder service to tell your friends “Happy Birthday!” when you sporadically log in. 9 hours ago
  • It was a meat market, but I had fun w chelsea. 9 hours ago
  • Too many remixes of famous songs, like smells like teen spirit, wonderwall, etc. Felt out of place. 9 hours ago
  • DJ was Justin Michael. While there were some good bits during his 4hr set, the kind of music he spins isn’t really what I like. 9 hours ago
  • Had a good time at Luxy. It was packed. DJ wasn’t bad. It was better than expected. Mixes weren’t always stellar, but cover came w 2 drinks 9 hours ago
  • Time to walk Spike. 16 hours ago
  • I think I’ll have a macchiato before leaving. 16 hours ago
  • 5 tangerines make a great fresh-squeezed juice. Energy booster as well. 16 hours ago
  • Still going strong on 5 hrs of sleep. I haven’t had much sleep over the last 2 days. I’ll recuperate tonight. 16 hours ago
  • Bite to eat was good. Probably going to have some fresh-squeezed tangerine juice. 16 hours ago
  • 10PM, gonna eat something then watch something, then walk Spike and head out. 17 hours ago
  • Means I have time to eat. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been pretty. 17 hours ago
  • Not going to town early, will probably take a taxi into town for 11:30PM. Co-worker sounds somewhat sick. That’s not gonna make me stay home 17 hours ago
  • FU Mozzilla. Another FF crash. WTF. In the middle of writing a post no less. 17 hours ago
  • @MichaelSurtees Nice one Michael. 17 hours ago
  • 100 Eleventh Ave and IAC buildings not #walkingtoworktoday instagr.am/p/c4lLd/ 18 hours ago
  • Jeez, this post is taking long. I still have one left, then espresso, and getting ready to go out. 18 hours ago
  • They liked me being pro-active. Kid’s a nightmare and makes the class difficult to teach. 18 hours ago
  • I wrote a detailed list of all of the stuff he did in the last 2 weeks that were unacceptable. Gave copies to co-teacher and boss. 18 hours ago
  • Boss and co-teacher know this, only the mom doesnt realize this yet. Or she does and doesnt care. She’s probably doing the spoiling. 18 hours ago
  • We have a difficult kid in our grade 2 class. he’s spoiled rotten, and doesnt understand that the classroom has rules. 18 hours ago
  • My grade 4 class is obsessed with bikinis. I don’t know why. Each time I say “beginning” they hear bikini. Was funny on a Friday 18 hours ago
  • I’m down to 84kg. Lowest weight in 2 years. 18 hours ago
  • “Are you on a diet? You’ve lost weight!” my boss to me today. I liked hearing that. It’s the running and the diet BTW. 18 hours ago
  • Surprised that my co-worker is coming w me. Fridays are hard days for everyone at work. Lots of kids and only 4 foreign teachers 18 hours ago
  • The important thing was that I had no breaks. Block hours from 9AM to 6:30PM. I took a break for coffee at 12:30 to 12:45 18 hours ago
  • Almost gave up on finding tops to go out w, when I spotted the DKNY shop w 40% sales. Not bad. Still, didnt like it. 18 hours ago
  • Just back from work. 9hr shift, not bad. Then, I went clothes shopping. What a nightmare. Hate doing that, but I managed to get some stuff 18 hours ago
  • ♂ 30 Dec
  • got called in to sub, thought about not going, but It gives me a full day of teaching, w no breaks. Nice. 30 Dec
  • My Year in Pictures-2011 nblo.gs/s9TWb 30 Dec
  • The Be st in IKEA Hacks Best of 2011 wp.me/pWvW-6vZ30 Dec
  • British Prime Minister Runs Country with iPad: There’s an App for That wp.me/pWvW-6vX 30 Dec
  • Gavio Pill Dock: Your iPod nano Takes the Red Pill wp.me/pWvW-6vV 30 Dec
  • Princeton Students Disrupt A JP Morgan Recruiting Session With A Devastating Chant businessinsider.com/jp-morgan-occu… via @clusterstock 30 Dec
  • 6.03 KM (1.89 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (4.14 KM) wp.me/pWvW-6vR 30 Dec
  • Got a haircut today My hairdresser gives hard massages I like them. She really grinds me down She doesnt always do massages bc she’s so busy 30 Dec
  • menthol spray giving me a nice burn. Feeling like an old man. Probably smelling like one too. 30 Dec
  • I think I have to re-evaluate my real-time goals for training. I’ll be able to run a lot better in 1 or 2 months. 30 Dec
  • Time for a medium rare steak w peppers. I’m cooking, good-looking! 30 Dec
  • To me, training is a numbers game. Part of the motivation was to get better numbers at the end of the day. 30 Dec
  • Pushed myself a bit harder, did 6.06km. “pain is an illusion” and “abstraction” are power words. Had 2 small breaks during teh run. 30 Dec
  • Started to rain while I was walking Spike, that didn’t stop me from going for a run. 30 Dec
  • First time I needed a contrast shower to recover from my run. Then menthol spray and compression socks. Feeling pretty good right about now 30 Dec
  • Unless you’re drinking eagle blood out of a cheetah skull, I don’t want to see your tribal tattoo. 29 Dec
  • Hates it when someone texts you, you text them back, then… nothing #wtfwhetedidyougo 29 Dec
  • @itsminhvybitch oui je me suis desabonne a tous les groupes a cause du spam 30 Dec
  • Can stylometry be used to discover authorship of anonymous docs? Yes. Can adversarial stylometry be defeated by countermeasures? Yes. #28C3 29 Dec
  • Haven’t had dinner yet, just some fresh-squeezed OJ so that I can run w being full 29 Dec
  • Getting up was painful. At least tomorrow I can sleep in, slightly. Got a few errands to run b4 work. 29 Dec
  • Today I got only 4hrs of sleep + 1h power nap. 29 Dec
  • Not getting out of a run tonight. It’s 17C, so no layers needed. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose me too. havent gotten much sleep and went to bed way too late. coffee only works up to a point. 29 Dec
  • @yiiee Thankfully, the IKEA is near my house. I need some nice thick towels. 29 Dec
  • @yiiee That always happens. there’s always something else you need from IKEA 29 Dec
  • @yiiee Yep, I need your email 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose anyway let me know what you end up doing, easiest is by text, 0936641984 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose yep, not going out too late. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose I’ll probably go to Luxy, and maybe have dinner in Taipei after class. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose r u going out later? I’m working until 6:30PM. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose probably. I didnt check my tickets, what are you doing tomorrow? 29 Dec
  • “Stay away from India” PM David Cameron to Clarkson, Capt Slow and the Hamster, while coming out of 10 Downing St and getting into his car 29 Dec
  • “Shortly after coming into office, Mr. Cameron noticed that Britain, in essence, was bankrupt” Clarkson in Top Gear on Downing Street 29 Dec
  • Open Letters: An Open Letter to the Gentleman Blow-Drying His Balls in the Gym Locker Room.: mcsweeneys.net/articles/an-op… 29 Dec
  • Oh yeah, Top Gear India Special. Yippee, forgot about that! 29 Dec
  • Keep forgetting that a lot of locals don’t speak much English. It’s noticeable when you flirt. 29 Dec
  • annoying at times, but still cute. pic.twitter.com/pwGT5uPW 29 Dec
  • Done for the day. Not bad. Time to relax. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose hey, it’s not at Myst, it’s at ATT. Somewhere nearby or in the same building. Myst has got some other DJs that night 29 Dec
  • Yoda requesting my attention when I try to get some work done. pic.twitter.com/BRLz5NIV 29 Dec
  • NSFW @AlyshaNett for Front Mag: alysha.tumblr.com/post/149469686… 29 Dec
  • @tarynevelyn‘s Tech Top 10 for Unplggd unplggd.com/unplggd/my-tec… 29 Dec
  • Why did I read so much about Keira Knightley’s vagina in thenewinquiry.com/post/149196255… 29 Dec
  • I think I need to go buy some clothes. 29 Dec
  • Prof said class over this morning. I’m not sure if there’s class next week. I’ll have to double-check. That would be swell. 29 Dec
  • @yiiee You need an invite to join? Joined a while ago and you didnt need one. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy And just bought a cheapo repair set, the JVC HAS600, which aren’t bad for their price 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I have a pair of Beats Studio by Dre in repair. They are new. An older Sony MDR DJ500 which are also being repaired. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy The HD800 cost a bit much for my taste, but I use headphones all of the time, I rarely use speakers. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy At least to my ears. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I’d probably buy some Shure, the SE500 or above as my next earbuds. Higher end headphones make a big differences 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I’m looking at the HD800, their hi-fi model, which is very expensive, but probably worth it since I can’t buy a TV or speakers 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy The only Sennheiser headphones I had were the HD 570, over the ear, they were fine but fragile. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I paid about $100 CAD for the SE115 in 2008 or so I believe. They are about to expire, problems w the cord, so I might buy sme 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy haven’t bought them yet. I have Shure SE115. They are OK 29 Dec
  • No Facebook you don’t get to push me notifications. Neither does Gmail #InboxZero 29 Dec
  • The best way to get rid of a headache is not to have a husband/boyfriend you don’t want to fuck. 29 Dec
  • Finished #AlteredCarbon and started#BrokenAngels. 83 rd book of 2011 29 Dec
  • The last few eps of Gantz the anime were unnecessary. The 2nd movie is more fun for that 29 Dec
  • One hour 30 left in class 29 Dec
  • Ugh, enumerative combinatorics until noon. 29 Dec
  • #Riot: Self-Organized, Hyper-Networked Revolts—Coming to a City Near You | Wired wired.com/magazine/2011/… 29 Dec
  • My teen relatives are at the stage now where the only sounds that come out of them are new text message notifications. 29 Dec
  • Japan’s nuclear exclusion zone – The Big Picture – Boston.com shar.es/WsOe4 29 Dec
  • North Korea Mourns Kim Jong Il – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/1… via @in_focus 29 Dec
  • Holy crap, I am tired this morning. Just want to go back to bed, but I have class and need a haircut. 29 Dec
  • My Daily Tweets 12.28.11 wp.me/pWvW-6vO 29 Dec

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Gizmon iCA Camera Case Turns New iPhones into Old Leicas

There are thousands of different iPhone cases out there, and there is definitely something for everyone. There are even already cases which make your iPhone look sort of like a camera. However, the Gizmon iCA iPhone case completely transforms your modern smartphone into an old fashioned camera. But will you want to make your iPhone this bulky? If you love cameras, then I suppose this is the case for you.

Gizmon iCA Case iPhone Retro 01

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The Best in IKEA Hacks Best of 2011

We love our IKEA hacks since the furniture is moderately affordable and easily modified to suit our needs, whatever they might be. While the standard all-IKEA look might look dated, there’s nothing stopping you from hacking your heart out, to customize your furniture to what you want it to look like. Here are our favorite hacks from 2011.

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British Prime Minister Runs Country with iPad: There’s an App for That

British Prime Minister David Cameron will soon take care at least some of his daily business for the UK thanks to a personalized iPad app. It will primarily be used to provide him with real time data on England’s various key statistics. The only problem I see is what might happen if it were to get hacked. Chaos! Though to be honest, security services have probably vetted it thoroughly.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Custom iPad App 01

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Gavio Pill Dock: Your iPod nano Takes the Red Pill

A nano-sized device should require a nano-sized dock, that’s basically what Gavio decided to do with their new speaker dock, The Pill. It will match your iPod nano (6G) quite well, since it doesn’t take up much space, it’s also easily portable.

Gavio The Pill iPod Nano Dock 01

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6.03 KM (1.89 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (4.14 KM)

I was somewhat tired during the day because I had gotten just about 4 hours of sleep last night. A power nap and an espresso sorted me out for the rest of the day. When it came down to run, I decided that I needed to run a bit longer and further than previously, which I did.

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My Daily Tweets 12.28.11

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Spinner 360 Lomo Camera: Capture 360 Panoramic Shots, Low-Tech Style

The Spinner 360 is a Lomo camera that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic shots, in complete low-tech style. The camera spins around, thanks to a handy drawstring, capturing one long image. Now, why didn’t I think of that? It’s an interesting addition to any lomographer’s arsenal.

lomo spinner 360 special edition

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Ridekick Trailer Turns Any Bike Into an Electric Bike

Have you ever wished that you had an electric bike, especially while hauling groceries home from the store? Well the Ridekick trailer promises to do everything an electric bike does, plus offer you some extra storage space as well. It also allows you to unhitch the trailer and go without using electric power.

Ridekick Trailer Power Bike Electric 01

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