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While the edits make you think that the old Uppolu will decide to put up with Cochran for a few more days, the main alliance stayed steadfast and evicted the treacherous little bastard. By his own admission, he would have gone further in the game had he not betrayed his tribe. That just goes to show that when you totally screw things up for your old tribe, there’s no way out of it. Princess Albert is getting on people’s nerves, so he might leave before Edna will. It’s not set in stone, as Coach has blatantly told Edna that she will be the next to go, and everyone dislikes her, slightly at least. I didn’t dislike Cochran, but his move was ill-timed and while he thought that it was a “big” move, it just messed up his game.

* * * * *

Last episode was a recap/new scenes show, so I skipped through pretty quickly.

Back at Te Tuna, Edna is starting to freak out because she thinks that she’s next.

I want to make sure that I’m not taken out by the family.

Cochran tells the tribe that he made creepy prank calls when he was in 5th grade. It annoys Sophie. Cochran thinks that the Uppolu family is cult-like. Cochran thinks that Brandon is obsessively devout, implying that he’s trying to hide or get away from something dark.

Cochran talks with the family. Sophie doesn’t want him to stay. Coach and Albert will vote for him to stay.

Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney are facing off in another 3-way duel. I wonder who will win? Not really, it’s going to be Ozzy. They will balance ceramic dishes on a long wobbly arm. Dawn is looking nervous, Whitney is just looking plain sexy: low-rider jeans that show off her abs and her golden skin. Dawn almost loses right away. They are at 9 dishes. Dawn is the 1st one out. That comes as no surprise. Whitney is starting to wobble. She loses the stack. Ozzy wins.

Ozzy continues to have fun at Redemption. He’s fishing and eating well.

Edna is doing laundry at Te Tuna.

The players in my alliance think that it’s not outwit, outplay, outlast, they think it’s out clean, out gather, out organize.

Cochran and Brandon are fishing. When they come back, and after eating, Albert tries to help with the laundry. He actually puts out the fire.

Albert is like kind of a little precious thing in camp. It’s like one of them little Barbie dolls, they look really cute, but they don’t do a damn thing. They just sit there. That’s why I call him Prince Albert

Rick is also getting annoyed Albert. Coach tells Edna that she’s probably next to go after Cochran. Coach isn’t sure which one to keep yet. Coach teaches Cochran some Tai-chi.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The first part involves tossing sandbags onto a crate. The first three will move on. They will use a slingshot to fire coconuts at targets. The winner will also get a spa session. Coach is immediately through, as is Brandon, Edna, Cochran, Sophie, Albert. Coach lands his 2nd. Sophie lands her 2nd. Rick lands his 2nd. Albert lands his 2nd. Albert is the 1st one through to the final. Cochran lands his 2nd. Rick lands his 3rd. He’s through. Sophie lands her last one. She’s through. Nice.

Albert gets his 1st target, as does Rick. Rick gets his 2nd. Sophie keeps missing. Albert gets his 2nd. Alberts gets his 3rd. Albert wins immunity. He takes Coach. Albert gives his massage up to Cochran. He says that next time, they should give him some food.

They get a bush shower and a massage. Cochran says that he lied. His birthday isn’t in two days. This was one of the main reasons why Albert gave the reward to him. I think that Albert made a mistake. He should have given it to Sophie.

Cochran tells Albert that Rick calls him Prince Albert. Albert thinks that Rick should go next. Albert thinks that Rick calls him Princess Albert.

Cochran talks with Edna. She’s on board. Then, he tells Coach. Coach is still undecided.

It’s time for tribal. Cochran says that he’s owed a debt, and they have to pay it off. The massage was nice, but he should stay for another night. Albert agrees. He says that it’s not going with the image of their tribe. Whatever, D-bag. He’s lucky he’s got immunity, because he would have been voted off next. Most of the jury is rolling their eyes at what’s being said about Cochran. Edna feels like she was deceived that she’s only sixth. Brandon says that he is voting for Cochran tonight. The next time, he’ll vote for Edna.

Brandon starts to cry. OMG, WTF. I don’t give a shit. This was after Coach says that Brandon might not be malleable. Cochran says that Brandon isn’t a great strategic player. Albert and Sophie agree.

Cochran says that it would be humiliating to get voted out now, because he would have gone further had he stayed with his previous Savaii alliance. It would have been all for nothing.

Votes to Evict

Albert Cochran
Brandon Cochran
Coach Cochran
Cochran Rick
Edna Rick
Rick Cochran
Sophie Cochran

Cochran is voted out by a 5-2 vote. Kevin and Whitney are holding hands.

* * * * *

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43 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Cult Like S23E12 (CBS)”

  1. Oh, Cochran is gone for now (unless he wins the Redemption Island challenge, but I doubt that). I enjoyed watching that guy. I really wanted Coach to be on board with keeping him.

    Tonight, which airs in less than an hour for me, the teaser makes it look like Cochran might win the challenge, so that means he is off for good. We’ll see.

    It’s hard to keep up with this stuff during holiday time, isn’t it? But I’m here for the full season. See you next week!

    1. I’m spending the holidays alone. We don’t get any time off in Taipei.

      Cochran was interesting to watch, but he has an inflated opinion of himself.

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