The Amazing Race Release the Brake S19E10 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams are traveling through Belgium. They must drive to the Ford Proving Grounds in Lommel. Ernie/Cindy are 2nd. They need to star the next leg of the race. Jeremy/Sandy are 3rd.

Andy/Tommy are still doing their body building routine. They finally finish and leave. Bill/Cathi also leave.

Ernie/Cindy are the 1st ones there. They face a Roadblock. They will drive a Ford Mustang around the track. There is a speed and braking task, slalom course, and doing a double donut. Ernie does it.

Andy/Tommy are 4th and leave for Lommel. Ernie has no problems doing the speed task. Bill/Cathi thought they were going to be eliminated.

Ernie has to do the slalom again. Marcus/Amani are lost again. Jeremy/Sandy arrive in Lommel. Ernie has to do the slalom quite a few times. He says about 15. He keeps hitting the big balloon at the end.

Jeremy has fun doing the speed and catches up to Ernie. Ernie finally gets it. He needs to do the donuts. Jeremy gets the slalom on his 3rd time.

Teams must drive to the city of Gent. Amani/Marcus arrive. Marcus drives. They are closely followed by Andy/Tommy. Andy does this one.

Marcus gets the slalom quickly. Bill/Cathi arrive. Andy and Imani are still there. Andy finishes quickly as well.

Ernie/Cindy arrive 1st. They face a Detour. In Water, they must use some materials to build a raft. Then they must search for two pieces of the clue. In Waffle, they must assemble a waffle stand. Then, they must do some waffles. Ernie/Cindy do Waffle. Jeremy/Sandy also do waffles.

They’re tall, we’re not.

Amani/Marcus arrive. They do waffles. Andy/Tommy do the boats. Marcus/Amani switch detours and do the rafts. Andy/Tommy assemble their raft quickly. Their raft floats.

Ernie/Cindy finish 1st. They must drive to De muir Van Geraardsbergen for their next clue. Andy/Tommy finish 2nd. Bill/Cathi do waffles. After seeing what they have to do, they also switch. Amani/Marcus are 3rd.

Sandy is freaking out because one of their waffles is incorrect. She wants to switch. They finally figure out their mistake and leave. Bill/Cathi are close behind.

Ernie/Cindy arrive 1st. They have to release some homing pigeons. Then, they will race to meet up with the pigeons at a specif location.

Andy/Tommy are 2nd. Both Amani/Marcus and Jeremy/Sandy miss the truck for a few minutes.

Andy/Tommy beat Ernie/Cindy. They have to head to the Atomium, the next pit stop. They get some directions. Jeremy/Sandy are 2nd. Jeremy knows that the Atomium is in Brussels.

Ernie/Cindy are lost. Amani/Marcus are lost again as well.

Andy/Tommy finish 1st. They win a Mustang each. They can also customize it.

Ernie/Cindy find the pigeons and leave for the pit stop. Amani/Marcus also find it. Marcus is really tired.

Jeremy/Sandy finish 2nd. Ernie/Cindy finish 3rd. Amani/Marcus finish 4th. Bill/Cathi finish last and are eliminated.

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