My Daily Tweets 12.06.11

  • Those @pocketdept notebooks on @NotebookStories look cool. 27 seconds ago
  • Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Over 10 Hours 9 hours ago 
  • Roll-Up Travel Charger: Power Up with Style 9 hours ago
  • Pantone Rubik’s Cube: Easier on the Eyes, Harder to Solve 9 hours ago
  • Starting next Monday, I won’t have to take my MBP17 with me to work and classes just to consult ebooks. 22 hours ago
  • Tangerines from down the street weren’t as good and/or fresh as the ones from my usual fruit shop. 22 hours ago
  • Holy crap, I’m doing images for my post already and it’s only 8:10PM. Nice. I’ll be finished in about 10 minutes or so. 22 hours ago
  • I definitely feel like a terrible weight has been lifted off my shoulders She was making me miserable & these past few months have been hell 23 hours ago
  • Hate and anger are powerful and cathartic emotions. 23 hours ago
  • Life has also taught me that a certain level of procrastination is good, but you need to watch out for over-procrastination. 23 hours ago
  • Life has taught me to be very careful about the things I say in person, in emails, in tweets, etc. 23 hours ago
  • #BlackMirror on E4 was pretty funny. I liked how that reporter took shots of her privates in the women’s bathroom and sent it to a source. 23 hours ago
  • Spending the holidays by myself. I might go see old friends during CNY in Thailand. 23 hours ago
  • Sometimes the ‘doing shit’ part almost sounds like work. 23 hours ago
  • I dislike contests where you have to do shit. Im too busy, so I just enter the ones where you have to leave a comment. 23 hours ago
  • Et j pas vraiment l’intention d’aller la voir ou d’aller a l’uni ds sa ville. 23 hours ago
  • C pas comme si on vit proche. 23 hours ago
  • Le pire je pense c qu’on ne se reverra plus. Elle est au USA et je suis à Taipei. 23 hours ago
  • Je n’ai jamais eu des bonnes relations avec mes ex. 23 hours ago
  • Je suis libre au moins de poursuive un doctorat en allemagne. J’ai plus besoin de me préoccuper d’elle. 23 hours ago
  • Le fou rire quand t nerveuse, c pas bon signe. 23 hours ago
  • On dit que l’amour n’est pas eternel. Ma blonde a suivi sont chemin habituel. Des qu’on a des prob, elle active son profil OK Cupid. 23 hours ago
  • En même temps, je suis libéré des paiements mensuels de $1000 USD. Je peux m’occuper et penser a moi-meme en premier lieu, au lieu d’elle. 23 hours ago
  • En quelques mois, elle est devenue danseuse nue, puis a pris des amants. 23 hours ago
  • J’ai passé presque le tiers de ma vie avec elle. 23 hours ago
  • Toutes mes choses sont dans notre maison, demenage du QC au USA. 23 hours ago
  • C’est après que j depensé $20,000 USD sur une maison avec elle, qui vient de perdre $20,000 sur la valeur 23 hours ago
  • Même poussé, ça prit beaucoup pour qu’elle l’avoue. 23 hours ago
  • On dirait que ma blonde a essayé systematiquement de détruire notre amour. Les mensonges, l’infidelité. 23 hours ago
  • En plus, on était marié. 23 hours ago
  • C’est chien d’apprendre que t’es cocu, surtout après 10 ans avec la meme fille. 23 hours ago
  • I just counted that I spent $20,000 on a house in a year that just lost $20,000 in value. 6 Dec
  • It isn’t real unless it’s on Facebook, for some people. 6 Dec
  • I feel free. 6 Dec
  • Fukushima: Inside the Exclusion Zone – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 6 Dec
  • Gagnez un Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… 6 Dec
  • I hate getting the same news 46 different ways. 6 Dec
  • Finished #TheYearoftheFlood last night and started #TheHandmaidsTale. Those 2 w #OryxandCrake are really good Atwood novels. 6 Dec
  • ZAC FASHION: Toni Garrn by Matt Irwin for Vogue Russia December 2011,… 6 Dec
  • Poet CAConrad was ejected from the @phillymag offices. Why? ( 5 Dec
  • There’s nothing quite like a well-made book. ( 6 Dec
  • Stolen iPhones & What You Should Do – Two friends had their iPhones this weekend and they share their stories/tips 6 Dec
  • I think I might be spending Christmas completely alone this year. First time this has happened. 6 Dec
  • My Daily Tweets 12.05.11 6 Dec

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