My Daily Tweets 12.07.11

  • Bluetooth Casio G-Shock Syncs with Your Phone 10 minutes ago
  • 3D QR Code Block Can’t Decide If It’s a Stool or a Light 14 minutes ago
  • Running brings an eerie calm to my mind. Some focus as well. I tend to work out when I feel at ease, not when things are going bad. 8 hours ago
  • Then I switched to lots of biking, every night, 100-150km per week. Biking is fun, but I lose more weight running. 8 hours ago
  • I also tend to overdo running. I was doing marathon training in 2008-2009. 8 hours ago
  • But, I tend to lose weight easily enough. 8 hours ago
  • It’s harder to lose weight in Taiwan bc I’m always on the scooter. 8 hours ago
  • I’m at 88kg. Goal is 78kg, which is what I weighed in 2009, at my running peak (5x per week, 45km at least). 8 hours ago
  • Another night another walk w Spike. once again, 1.2km. Starting slowly. Still have a huge blister on my heel heeling up, so no running. 8 hours ago
  • @Tortue merci beaucoup, même si je suis un peu “sheep” 🙂 8 hours ago
  • Tap him like a maple tree. #NewGirl I can drive stick. 10 hours ago
  • Intercourse #NewGirl 10 hours ago
  • Once a bad lay, always a bad lay. 10 hours ago
  • @Tortue tu sais si les iPhone 4S peuvent être deja acheté si on a fait un réservation? 10 hours ago
  • Since I basically skipped my own birthday this year, and didn’t get anything really from anyone, I bought myself a prezzie. 10 hours ago
  • Tomorrow morning, I’ve got Enumerative Combinatorics. 10 hours ago
  • Finished earlier than expected. It’s 9:24PM. Time to relax. 10 hours ago
  • For some reason, I’ve been eating a lot of homemade tuna salad this week. It’s perfect to finish the day. Pretty light. 10 hours ago
  • Miranda Kerr by Willy Vanderperre for Industrie #4… via @fashgonerogue 11 hours ago
  • 2 posts down, one to go. 11 hours ago
  • Been drinking a lot of fresh squeezed OJ. Amazing how much it quenches hunger. 11 hours ago
  • Astronomers Find Biggest Black Holes Yet: 11 hours ago
  • 2011: The Year in Photos, Part 1 of 3 – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 11 hours ago
  • Down to 419 in Greader. Almost there. 12 hours ago
  • Started met 75th book of the year today. It’s called #GodlikeMachines. 12 hours ago
  • My friend’s kid Samuel still talks about me. I talked to him this morning. He was happy to be at school now. 12 hours ago
  • Archos? I remember that. I had a small media player. The battery kept blowing up. Happened at least 3x 12 hours ago
  • @jackge yep heard that. Maybe I’ll wait till CNY when I have time off. Too busy w Masters and teaching right now, as well as writing. 12 hours ago
  • Now I can go back to ignoring Facebook. 12 hours ago
  • The goal of using a keyboard is to barely glance at it. 12 hours ago
  • I’d never pay $1K for a keyboard. 12 hours ago
  • So once I clear up another 20GB on my HD, I’ll install Skyrim and start playing the shit out of it. 12 hours ago
  • As soon as the sun went down, it got cool. Kind of like in Quebec. 12 hours ago
  • My blister is really starting to heal up. Once that is done, I can start running again. 12 hours ago
  • I have been going on 1.2km walks w Spike. Sometimes he likes them, other times he doesn’t. I speed walk and end up sweating. 12 hours ago
  • I prefer clean breaks. Never have been one to talk to my exes. 12 hours ago
  • I don’t think much of cheaters. 12 hours ago
  • Trust is given, but once broken, it’s hard to regain. 12 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Lorena by Pierre Dal Corso for Schon Magazine #15,… 12 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Slim by Terry Richardson,…12 hours ago
  • My friend wouldn’t hear about using a Mac laptop. He’s a windows dev, so he sees no need for a Mac. I doubt I’ll buy a PC again. 12 hours ago
  • I hate how some sites take a long time to load in Greader, esp when you are downloading at 1MB/sec 12 hours ago
  • Going to my boss’ wedding on Saturday, but I plan on going out somewhere on Friday, even though I’ll be somewhat tired.12 hours ago
  • I love Quebec, but I doubt I’ll ever live there again. 12 hours ago
  • I think I ordered an iPhone 4S 64GB last week. 12 hours ago
  • Facebook should be renamed Fakebook. 12 hours ago
  • Spoke w an old friend this morning. 12 hours ago
  • Not following the advice of a financial planner was stupid. 12 hours ago
  • Following up noncritical statements with “no offense” is kind of hilar. So is starting unserious convos with “We need to talk” 6 Dec
  • Which books are new this week? Too many to mention here. Check it out: 7 Dec
  • Almost unwatchable to be honest. 12 hours ago
  • Or Syfy. 12 hours ago
  • Uh, #Neverland was really crappy on Scifi. 12 hours ago
  • A container filled with some 1,200 looted, cultural books was returned to Korea from Japan, today. ( 7 Dec
  • I managed to finish #TheHandmaidsTale Was good, but not as good as #OryxandCrake 12 hours ago
  • Long day that’s not yet done. It’s 7:30PM and I need to start writing. I’ve got 1K+ items to go through in GReader. 12 hours ago
  • An another jaywalker dead in front of my office, not the kinda stuff I like to see in the morning T_T 22 hours ago
  • This aside, we’re December the 7th 10am: 27°C and sunny. 🙂 22 hours ago
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