Survivor South Pacific Ticking Time Bomb S23E13 (CBS)

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Floater Edna spends the whole episode moaning and is thankfully quickly evicted by her tribe. She tried to target Brandon, but she occupied the lowest peg in her alliance, so she was the first one to go. That being said, we all know that either Brandon or Albert is going next. If Coach were playing smart, he’d keep Brandon around. As a loose cannon, he’d probably end up alienating most of the jury, which would in turn give him more votes in the end. I don’t know if Coach will play the game strategically. They’re too obsessed with praying each day and playing the game with honor.

* * * * *

Cochran arrives at Redemption. He thinks that Upolu used him. No shit Sherlock.

At Upolu, Edna is getting angry at her alliance because she is going home next. Coach explains that it has become an individual game.

The tribe gets video letters from home. This happens in the midst of Edna’s breaking down. There are a lot of tears. Whatever, it’s the usual stuff.

It’s time for the duel. Ozzy is sure to smoke Cochran. They have to use grappling hooks to retrieve three bags. Then, they will use a ball to solve a table maze. Cochran needs help from Albert to figure out how to throw the rope. Ozzy has all three back. He starts on the table maze. Cochran has to make up a lot of time. Ozzy falls out of the maze and has to start over. Cochran is back in. Ozzy falls out 2 times in a row. Cochran is out. Ozzy just manages to beat Cochran. It was pretty close. Cochran was in the same spot, but ultimately his moves were to nervous to win. Cochran finally leaves after making a speech.

Now, they get to see their families. Ozzy is going to make a choice. Rick gives his wife’s butt a playful squeeze. He has to choose one person who will get time to spend time with a loved one. Ozzy chooses Albert, Coach, and Brandon. Sophie, Rick and Edna head back to camp. The others all head back to Redemption.

Coach tells Ozzy that he has a final three solution, including both of them. Brandon’s dad tells him that he’s here to win a million dollars, not just to be a Christian. His dad rates Brandon’s strategy as a ‘C’. The dad talks strategy with Coach and his brother. That has to be a first. It doesn’t impress Coach. The dad reminds him a lot of Russ.

Brandon is a loose canon, a ticking time bomb.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. For today’s task, the goal is to keep moving a giant puzzle board. They have to turn over puzzle pieces and step on them. Once they are turned over, they cannot pass again.

Edna quickly gets squeezed out. She returns the favor to Brandon. Albert is the first one out. Brandon is out. Brandon tells Albert that he played to limit Edna’s moves so that she wouldn’t win. Rick is out. Sophie is out. OMG, Edna continues to go on. It’s freaking annoying. Edna is out and Coach wins.

Sophie thinks that Brandon was really rude to Edna. Rick didn’t like it either. Brandon is an idiot. Edna is about to cry.

It’s like beating your wife and buying her a diamond necklace.
Edna on Brandon

Sophie says that Brandon thinks that an apology wipes the slate clean, but that isn’t the case in the game of Survivor.

On Survivor, people aren’t as forgiving as Jesus Christ is.
Sophie on Brandon

Edna takes it up with the core alliance to evict Brandon. Coach, Albert, and Sophie were listening. Coach is thinking about getting rid of Brandon.

Edna talks with Coach. She asks him if he’ll use the idol on her tonight. He says no. He tells her to talk with Albert and Sophie. She should say that Coach is fine with her staying. Sophie doesn’t say anything, but Albert says if it’s OK with Coach, it’s fine with him.

It’s time for tribal. Edna says that she has been trying to target Brandon. She makes Coach say the mantra. Everyone in the jury rolls their eyes. Jeff talks with Brandon. Brandon looks like an imbecile. This is where going to school makes a difference. Edna is all smiles during tribal. It’s the most animated I’ve ever seen her in the game. It’s strange to see this at the end of her road.

Votes to Evict

Brandon Edna
Edna Brandon

Edna is voted out by a 5-1 vote. On her way out, she starts to cry. Boo-hoo. The floater is gone.

From the previews, it looks like Edna will win the duel.

* * * * *

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43 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Ticking Time Bomb S23E13 (CBS)”

  1. It’s been only the last few episodes that Edna has grown on me. I love her intelligence. Too bad she didn’t display it early on. I didn’t like her tactic of hanging onto Coach. His word is never good when it gets in between him and his rhetoric and a million dollars.

    I didn’t get here in time to comment before the next episode aired. What an episode that was! Mel Gibson would be proud, he could make a movie about it. The Passion of the Coach. The Betrayal of Brandon. wow. Loved it. Can’t wait for you to post your recap.

    1. Hi,

      I haven’t had time to watch it. Will do so tonight. Been extremely busy, as usual. But I’m looking forward to it!

      Edna was a weak player since the beginning. I have more respect for Brandon as a player than her. At least he did stuff. She just cleaned and stuff.

  2. oops. I shouldn’t have given it away. I didn’t realize you hadn’t watched it yet. Can’t believe today is the final episode. Now, I need to go over and read that new recap…

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