The Amazing Race Go Out and Get It Done S19E12 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams are heading to Atlanta, their final destination. They must make their way to Flight Safety International. Amani/Marcus live in Atlanta. The other teams think they have an edge. All the teams are on the same flight.

Teams will take to the skies in a multi-million dollar Learjet simulator. Ernie is the first to crash and burn because Cindy didn’t check the airspeed. Marcus lands the plane first, but he skids. Jeremy completes it first and they leave.

They need to go to The Dump, the former residence of the writer of *Gone with the Wind*. Ernie finishes 2nd and they leave. Marcus keeps skidding again and again on the runway during the landing.

Ernie/Cindy figure out that it’s Margaret Mitchell’s home. Their cab driver knows where it is.

Sandy mutters that she needs to go on Prilosec when she gets home. It’s some kind of med for acid reflux. Jeremy/Sandy end up at an old Home Depot, that was renamed The Dump. They are at the wrong place and they end up searching the store.

Ernie/Cindy are 1st to the clue. They face a Roadblock. Teams must type out a clue on an old fashion typewriter. Ernie does it, but this is before they know that it involves typing. Apparently, Cindy types a lot faster than Ernie.

Jeremy/Sandy are still trying to find where to go. They use a lady’s smartphone to figure out where to go. Ernie is having trouble typing but he completes the task. They leave. The numbers that they typed out commemorate some baseball player (Hank Aaron) at Turner Field.

Jeremy/Sandy arrive after Ernie/Cindy have already left. Sandy is a lot quicker than Ernie. Sandy smartly thinks about Googling the numbers.

This is not a Mac.

Ernie/Cindy go to the nearest hotel and use the Internet to figure out where to go.

Marcus finally lands the plane and they leave.

Working without any notes, teams face a massive mind puzzle. One team member will be rigged to a giant map, they must successfully map out their route around the world.

Holy bananas!

Marcus/Amani arrive at The Dump. For some reason, Amani makes Marcus do it. Sandy/Jeremy head for the final puzzle. Cindy is good at the puzzle. She has to pass a carabiner through the right countries. Wow, they complete it very quickly. They get their final clue. Teams are racing to the Swan House, the final pit stop.

Jeremy/Sandy just arrive at Turner Field. Jeremy does it but they miss Indonesia. They get it quickly as well.

Ernie/Cindy’s cab driver makes a wrong turn and they are sort of lost. Is this going to be a million dollar mistake? No, Ernie/Cindy win the Amazing Race. Jeremy/Sandy finish 2nd. Marcus/Amani finish 3rd.

* * * * *

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