Survivor South Pacific Then There Were Five S23E14 (CBS)

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There are just some people who have dirt in their brains. Obviously Brandon is one of those. I don’t know what he was thinking, but for some reason, after having won the immunity which basically saved his ass, since all of his tribe were thinking about getting rid of him, he gives it to Albert during tribal. Albert doesn’t give it back and the promptly vote Brandon out. Brandon is stupid and ignorant in so many ways that it’s scary. I don’t think his father would be happy to find out how he went out. Other than that, it’s apparent that Albert is going home next, unless he wins immunity. He’s made an enemy of basically everyone that’s left and they are just waiting to get rid of him.

* * * * *

There is some more BS when Upolu comes back to camp. Brandon wants them to pray. WTF.

Albert tells Sophie that if Ozzy comes back and wins immunity, Rick is going next. He is actually planning on getting rid of Sophie.

The next day, Albert tries to talk with Rick and some others in order to make some strategic moves against Sophie and Coach. Albert doesn’t want to sit next to Sophie. He wants to go to the finals with Coach with Rick. If he does, he would lose.

It’s time for the duel. Ozzy will face off against Edna. They will race to complete a puzzle, which will release a hatchet. They will use the hatchet to release a bag filled with more puzzle pieces. Once they complete it, they win the duel. Ozzy quickly leaves Edna eating his dust. She’s still working the slide puzzle while Ozzy is already working on the final puzzle. Edna gets help from Albert. Edna makes up some time, but even the whole Upolu tribe can’t help her win this challenge. Ozzy wins.

Albert talks with Brandon. He tells him that they need to take out Sophie. Brandon agrees. Sophie tells Coach that Ozzy is the most dangerous player because he spends a lot of time with the jury members, that is before he eliminates them from the game. It’s true that he gets to work on them and it looks like he was able to maintain a good relationship with all of them. She says that they need to send Brandon to Redemption, so that they can take one of them out. Then they talk with Rick.

Then Albert talks with Coach about getting rid of Sophie.

He just blows whichever way the wind blows.

Sophie is smarter than Albert. That’s the reason why Albert is intimidated by Sophie. He’s hearing her in tribal, she’s speaking up, she’s not this quiet little mouse that he thought that she was, and now all of sudden he’s like I got to get rid of Sophie.

Brandon butts in and Coach doesn’t like it because they told him that they were talking about jury votes, which they weren’t, and he doesn’t believe them. Coach almost lashes out at him.

Please give me a hug.
Brandon to Coach

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They will climb a wall to collect puzzle pieces. Then, they will sort the pieces in to pairs. Three pieces won’t match and reveal a number code which will open a box. The winner gets pizza.

Brandon and Rick have the early lead. Then, Brandon edges ahead. Albert takes a fall, but he’s OK, not that I care. Brandon and Rick are racing for their fifth bag. Rick moves ahead. Coach isn’t far behind. Albert falls down again. Everybody is working on the puzzle. It’s between Brandon and Coach. Rick is falling out of it. Brandon is the first one away followed by Coach. It’s still close. Brandon wins immunity and reward.

Thank you Jesus!

Brandon shares his pizza with Rick. Interesting, you would have thought that Brandon would have gone for Coach. It would have been smart to take Coach, because it would have stopped them from talking strategy too much.

Sophie and Coach agree that Albert has to go. Sophie goes over to Rick and Brandon. She tells them that she is voting for Albert tonight. Rick says that Albert approached him to make a deal earlier. Brandon hears this. He realizes that Albert is lying to him.

Albert is scrambling. Brandon and Rick become involved. Sophie is smartly just watching. Albert says that Rick is lying to them. Sophie is quite happy about this.

It’s like he’s in the toilet bowl. And Brandon, Coach, and I and Rick have a little chance of flushing him down. He keeps kind of scrambling back up but I think that Jeff will put the final flush tonight.

Albert starts working on Brandon. It’s obviously effective, as Brandon says that he will give Albert his immunity necklace. He’s certain that neither Rick nor Coach will vote for him.

By now, you know that God speaks to me.
Brandon to Coach.

Brandon talks with Coach. He tells him that he will give Albert his necklace. Brandon says that he will vote for Sophie.

It’s time for tribal. Brandon immediately says that he will give his immunity necklace to Albert. WTF. Talk about brain rot. He gives it to Albert. Then Brandon talks about God and Christ. Most of the jury is rolling their eyes, laughing and smirking. Rick blurts out that Coach has the other idol, so this means that it’s between himself, Sophie and Brandon.

Votes to Evict

Albert Sophie
Brandon Sophie
Coach Brandon
Rick Brandon
Sophie Brandon

So Brandon is out. What a surprise! The jury is surprised. What an idiot! The winner of the final duel will reenter the game.

* * * * *

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40 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Then There Were Five S23E14 (CBS)”

  1. I wonder if Coach enjoyed this vote. He got to stick it to Russell in a way, by voting out his nephew at the last moment, before the final, and setting it up to appear he was not going back on his word by leaving it all up to Brandon’s God.

    I would love to see Coach and Ozzy in the final. The others were simply occupying the island, like some extreme vacation spot, but Coach and Ozzy played the game. I’m not thrilled with either of them. Both have unseemly arrogance. I would have loved to see Cochran in there, but that’s no longer an option. Wouldn’t it be great tv if Brandon won the final challenge against Ozzy? That would almost hand the money over to Coach.

    Will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

    1. Yes I agree that both of them are arrogant. There isn’t someone yet who will win hands down. If Ozzy makes it to the final, I think he’ll win, because the jury is stacked in his favor.

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