John Digweed @ Club Myst

John Digweed @ Club Myst flyer

When I learned two weeks ago that John Digweed was coming to Taiwan, I knew that I would go see him. Sasha and Digweed were some of my favorite DJs back in the day, before I started spinning some hard techno myself. Still, even if Digweed doesn’t rock my boat anymore, since it was on the weekend and it was progressive house, and I knew that it would densely packed with girls, I took a co-worker and we jumped onto the Bedrock bandwagon. The event was scheduled to start at 9PM, so we took our time and wandered around in Xinyi. We had some drinks and food before making our way to the club. I couldn’t find out much information about Club Myst, but from what I did, it was on the top floor of some building. I knew it would be a less underground event than last week at The Wall.

I was also curious to see if the DJs of the night would use beatmatching software and laptops during their sets. They didn’t. The venue was small and felt classy, which was interesting. Apparently there was a ‘gift’ waiting for me when I came up on the elevator, but I didn’t pick anything up. The entry fee ($1600NT, $52 USD) also allowed you to get a free drink. Initially, at around 11PM, the club wasn’t packed at all. People were still arriving and it was interesting to do some people watching.

If you’re a neophyte to Taipei’s nightlife like me, you’ll find that it’s somewhat different than what you’re used to, at least that’s the way it was for me. Most of the girls were wearing extremely short skirts and high heels. It was nice eye-candy. There were about 700-1,000 people in the club (someone quoted that it has a capacity of 4,000 people, but that’s ludicrous- the club is small), and there was quite an ebb and flow of people. It was completely packed shortly before Digweed started. In fact, it was so packed that the dance floor didn’t move much, which was a shame.

It was also interesting to see the foreign girls trying to compete with the local girls for the same men. This is something that I haven’t had much experience before. You could spot the towering South Africans. I was the lone non-Caucasian foreigner in the club, which was also unsurprising.

As to the set, it started late, at around 1AM or so and went on till 4:40AM. I have seen Digweed before in Canada, and while initially it started good, there were some glaring instances of missed mixed, which veered into almost train wrecks. I don’t know really what was up with that, but the crowd was too drunk or too deaf to care. I counted at least 7 instances of bad mixes, which is abhorrent when you go see such a world class DJ (listed #55 in DJ Mag and #28 in DJ List). I should have gone to see Armin Van Buuren last week. His mixes were probably faultless.

Still, I had fun and it was interesting to see how the people having fun. There were a couple of ravers, even though they weren’t dressed as ravers, you could tell by the way they danced. Anyway, next week I’ll go to Revolver, which will have a techno night with some local DJs.

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