My Daily Tweets 12.17.11

  • Mitsubishi EMIRAI Dashboard: When Can I Have it in My Car? 2 minutes ago 
  • Next Generation NAO Robots Ready to Take Over the World 4 minutes ago
  • Time for bed. 7 hours ago
  • Saw a hot girl in an orange knit miniskirt. Her thong peaked through, but not all of the time.quite sexy 7 hours ago
  • Oh well, next week Revolver on the 23 rd 7 hours ago
  • But club Myst was packed to the rafters not much dancing or space bc of the amount of people 7 hours ago
  • Song selection was ok. Girls were smoking hot. I liked that. Even bigger meat market than last week. Incomparable to anything I’ve ever seen 7 hours ago
  • Digweed was sort of good and bad. I do t know why but a lot of his mixes were terrible, near train wrecks. Inexcusable for him. 7 hours ago
  • @BunnyBlog thanks but right now I’m in Taiwan where there are lots of hot girls in clubs. Easier to get over getting screwed over by ur wife 7 hours ago
  • The new L.A. Review of Books explains how their new web-only book review will raise L.A.’s literary profile. 8 hours ago
  • this girl told me she wanted me inside of her, and then she shrunk me down with a laser beam and swallowed me. 11 Nov
  • @Joelle_writes then both 7 hours ago
  • I don’t drink, so that was never an issue. 19 hours ago
  • I rarely take the MRT, but when I go out, I take it. I don’t like driving my scooter into Taipei late at night. 19 hours ago
  • Just had an espresso. Probably will have another before leaving for dinner in Taipei. 19 hours ago
  • Scooter Commuting Vista 20 hours ago
  • Puerto Rico jolted by 5.1-magnitude quake. No tsunami warnings issued. 21 hours ago
  • @gray I watched them all in a row, it was damn good. 20 hours ago
  • Spike up and about, knowing that he’ll get fed soon 20 hours ago
  • He also wants to play fetch when I come home. 21 hours ago
  • spike is definitely more active ever since I started giving him long walks in the evening. He’s running all over the place now. 21 hours ago
  • Beijing Imposes New Rules on Social Networking Sites 22 hours ago
  • Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works 17 Dec
  • Started my 81st book of the year yesterday. Might be hitting 90 before the end of December. 17 Dec
  • Done w work today, time to walk Spike and get some minutes for my old phone since I havent yet received an email to pick up my iPhone 4S 17 Dec
  • Sasha and Digweed, those were some cool sets back when I was a DJ #fb 17 Dec
  • Last time I saw Digweed was about 9 years ago. Going to have a blast #fb 17 Dec
  • @yiiee She comes for Christmas and the summer. Anyway, that’s done. Looking forward to having fun at Club Myst w Digweed. 17 Dec
  • @yiiee we havent. She’s been living in our house in the US for the last year. I was meant to join her when I finish my masters in math. 17 Dec
  • When I’m out with tipsy girls in high heels I feel like I’m guarding a precious herd of wobbly magical newborn deer. 17 Dec
  • And yes, I have the 64GB iPad. Means I could probably have 100,000 books on it 17 Dec
  • BTW, I’ve got 2880 books on my iPad and it takes up about 1GB. Not bad. 17 Dec 
  • @@yiiee I always prefer a clean break, unfriending, and no more contact. Kind of like severing diplomatic relations. 17 Dec
  • The Year in Volcanic Activity – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 17 Dec
  • Kiss, Lick & Growl 17 Dec
  • Kittehs!… 17 Dec
  • The Prague Cemetery review. Apparently, it’s dangerous. I didn’t think so… 17 Dec
  • Other prof has a Kindle. 17 Dec
  • This is the 2nd semester that I didnt spend a dime on class textbooks. It’s all ebooks now. Even the prof has an iPad. 17 Dec
  • This is the time of year when AT goes on holiday schedule, meaning less posts to write. It’s nice for a change 17 Dec
  • Then again, I saw a special edition Lamborghini Gallardo driven by some young people in that same area. 17 Dec
  • I think I saw a Ferrari last night, spyder, last night. Strange to see in Xinjhuang. 17 Dec
  • @BunnyBlog welcome to the club. I broke up w my wife 3 weeks ago. She became a stripper and started screwing other people 17 Dec
  • It’s like Hawaii Five O, but for computer crimes. (via @wired) 17 Dec
  • @Joelle_writes blue 17 Dec
  • Must be big: iPhone recognised/corrected my spelling of FarmVille. It still can’t work out the difference between “hell” and “he’ll” though. 17 Dec
  • what a day – both my boss and I have resigned from TechCrunch. 17 Dec
  • Our own @mrkocnnll‘s tribute to Christopher Hitchens: 17 Dec
  • ha you thought we were a bookstore but actually we are a book club but actually we are a literary magazine. like a Turducken of book things 17 Dec
  • My Daily Tweets 12.16.11 17 Dec

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