My Daily Tweets 12.18.11

  • A news reader is still delivering news of Kim Jong Il’s death in an overly emotional voice on North Korean radio right now. 22 minutes ago 
  • Kim-Jong Il: DEAD. 2011 just won’t fucking QUIT. 13 minutes ago
  • Both the dog and cat are sleeping on the sofa next to me, snuggling together for warmth. Makes me sleepy. 29 minutes ago
  • Kim Jung Il has indeed died. Being announced on North Korean state TV now. 30 minutes ago
  • Until the end of term, I now have Monday and Wednesday mornings off. That’s nice. 1 hour ago
  • MIAmobi SilentPocket Cases Help You Evade Big Brother 1 hour ago
  • Audman Dock Turns iPhone into Walkman 1 hour ago
  • Didn’t think I’d sleep as much, but I got 11 hours of sleep last night. Must have needed it. 1 hour ago
  • @craigmod congrats! 1 hour ago
  • @Tortue well at some point, when you start a master’s, you’ve got other things to worry about. 1 hour ago
  • @Joelle_writes happy birthday btw 1 hour ago
  • @Raoul floods in Thailand destroyed most of them. 1 hour ago
  • Photo automnale de mon dernier shooting avec la délicieuse @mamzelle_mia 🙂 Gâtez vos pupilles! 4 hours ago
  • Simuler un orgasme c’est encourager la médiocrité. 3 hours ago
  • pretty tired. Gonna go to bed for now. Maybe wake up later. Tomorrow is an easy day since I dont have to drive to Taipei. 13 hours ago
  • … this is the only solution! #headinwater #bellyontiles 14 hours ago
  • Use case flow: reading a review from my iPad to reading a sample chapter on my iPhone 14 hours ago
  • Crazy hot dog… 14 hours ago
  • Fruit lady made me buy some strawberries. Gonna use them for a smoothie. 14 hours ago
  • Vaclav Havel has died (via @guardian) 15 hours ago
  • La fascination naïve des français pour la Chine est incroyable. 90% des PME françaises en Chine perdent de l’argent. 17 hours ago
  • Terra Nova Within S01E10 (Fox) 15 hours ago
  • Looks like my cat played with my MBP 17, even though the lid was skewed to prevent this. Will close it fully next time. 15 hours ago
  • Gave Spike a long 1.2km walk. Not that long, but fast. 15 hours ago
  • Got some lightbulbs, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, productive. Even got some fruits. Now enjoying fresh-squeezed OJ. 15 hours ago
  • Got doubles of the gate and front door keys made. Only appt keys remain, that will be dropped off tomorrow morning. Job done. 15 hours ago
  • Then I can walk Spike. 17 hours ago
  • I still borrow to find the gate and downstairs keys from my neighbors to get them copied tonight. 17 hours ago
  • OK key problem solved. Landlord has keys, will drop them off tomorrow. 17 hours ago
  • As markets plunge, Asia’s wealthy flock to #art 17 hours ago
  • China Property Prices Continue to Decline: Average property prices in 70 Chinese cities fell in November for the… 19 hours ago
  • People who say they love life almost make you believe that there were other options to choose from. 17 Dec
  • The monster in us gets unleashed when we don’t belong somewhere, we aren’t loved by someone and we don’t feel required to help run the world 16 Dec
  • @Frangry I have 2880 books on my iPad. Tweeting, light office work, reading stuff through Flipboard, that’s what I do 17 hours ago
  • @Frangry I had trouble setting up my iPad as well. Managed to do so, but it was painful. 17 hours ago
  • one of my classes is canceled for the rest of the term, as my advisor has left for Leipzig. Means Mondays and Wednesdays are a bit easier 17 hours ago
  • “You don’t shit where you eat.” 18 hours ago
  • Both pets are snuggled up together on the couch w me for warmth. 18 hours ago
  • Still trying to figure out when I can pick up my iPhone 4S. The webpage is somewhat hard to understand, I’ll pop by a store with my reserv # 18 hours ago
  • It’s probably time to eat something. I haven’t had anything all day. then again, I went to bed at 7AM and got up at 2PM. 18 hours ago
  • John Digweed @ Club Myst 18 hours ago
  • Looking at NYE parties, and the interesting one has Dave Seaman and Christian Smith. If you know of one in Taipei, let me know 18 hours ago
  • 548 now dead in Philippine typhoon, hundreds still missing. Villages like matchsticks, mothers digging dead children out of the mud. 19 hours ago
  • Whew, just talked w the landlord, and she’s organizing a locksmith. She doesn’t have a spare key either. Staying put, I can do that. 19 hours ago
  • @yiiee lucky you. Just about to finish working and then I have to try and get a locksmith. I lost my keys. Landlord doesnt live in the city 19 hours ago
  • @itsmesarahrae total BS. 20 hours ago
  • My Daily Tweets 12.17.11 20 hours ago

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