Survivor South Pacific Loyalties Will Be Broken & Reunion S23E15-16 (CBS)

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Well, this season of Survivor is over and Ozzy didn’t win. It came down to a puzzle, that Ozzy had ample time to complete, but just didn’t. Sophie beat him and he was out. Then, the Savaii-stacked jury had to decide the lesser of three evils, between Albert, Sophie, and Coach. Fortunately for Sophie, Coach had annoyed enough people to make the jury seriously consider the two other candidates. Unfortunately for Coach, it turned out that the jury voted massively for Sophie. I don’t really know about her. I don’t think she deserved to win. Coach made more strategic moves, but ultimately I would have liked Ozzy to win. At least he won the Player of the Game money.

* * * * *

Brandon joins Ozzy at Redemption Island. Ozzy isn’t impressed.

He’s playing the game like he’s playing with God.
Ozzy about Brandon

Sophie is happy that Albert was made a fool in front of the jury. Coach is pissed at him.

It’s time for the final duel between Ozzy and Brandon. They are going to hold onto a pole for as long as possible. After 40 minutes, Ozzy readjusts. Then Brandon shifts and almost falls off. Brandon is sliding down. He’s out. Ozzy wins and is back in the game. Ozzy is heading back to camp.

Coach goes for a sulk. The Upolus don’t want Ozzy around. Coach comes back and has a talk with Ozzy. Coach wants to talk deals. Ozzy isn’t impressed. He doesn’t believe him.

This is my game to lose.

In his VT, Coach admits that he wants to play the game with Ozzy, but he’s got so many alliances that it would be stupid to take him to the finals.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. With one hand, they will steady a balancing board. With the other, they will build a house of cards. Ozzy, Coach and Sophie are doing a good job. Sophie runs out of pieces. Coach’s stack collapses. Ozzy is in the lead. Ozzy also runs out. He was close though. Sophie’s stack collapses. Sophie orders Albert to drop his stack and help her get her pieces. Sophie’s collapses again. It’s Ozzy and Coach again. Albert’s stack collapses and Sophie has a partial collapse. Ozzy is in the lead. Ozzy wins immunity. That was cool.

Ozzy is pretty happy. He’s trying to pit the old Upolu against each other. Coach talks with Albert. They are talking about getting rid of Rick.

Ozzy talks with Albert. He thinks he should vote for Sophie. She’s a brat. Rick talks with Coach. Coach says that Sophie turned on him. Rick figures out that Coach will vote against him. He makes Coach commit to voting for Sophie.

Later, Albert and Ozzy are talking again. Albert is worried. Coach doesn’t tell him what’s up and lets him make up his own mind.

It’s time for tribal. The jury are all smiles for Ozzy. Coach says that he’ll play the idol. Rick says to take him because he hasn’t won anything. Ozzy tells everyone that Coach said that he wants to take him to the end. Sophie says that he didn’t respect her as a player. Ozzy tells Sophie that she is a spoiled brat. People going through Redemption told him as much. Sophie is about to cry. Oh whatever, I don’t care. She cries. Coach doesn’t play the idol.

Votes to Evict

Albert Rick
Coach Rick
Ozzy Sophie
Rick Sophie
Sophie Rick

Rick is voted out. Coach tries to make things good between them, but Rick won’t have it. Coach basically stabbed him in the back. In his final VT, Rick says that Ozzy has got his vote. If Ozzy makes it into the finally, he will undoubtedly win Survivor. In order to accomplish this, he needs to win the final immunity necklace.

The old Upolu are irritated by Ozzy. Coach takes Ozzy apart and says that he’s disappointed. Ozzy tells him that he trusts no one anymore because he was burned. Coach says that when Ozzy told him this, his heart broke. WTF. Who gives a shit? Ozzy wants Albert and Sophie to make a fire. They hug it out.

it’s time for the final immunity challenge. They will race through a giant flower-shaped obstacle course to collect 5 puzzle bags. They use these pieces to solve the puzzle. Ozzy quickly has his first bag. Albert and Sophie went for the same obstacle. They get their bags. Coach is back. Ozzy has his 2nd bag. Albert has his 2nd bag. Albert has a slight lead, but that doesn’t mean much. Coach is back with his 2nd bag. Ozzy is back with his 3rd bag. Once again, Albert and Sophie are duking it out. Ozzy is coming back with his 4th bag. Albert falls off the ropes and has to start again. Ozzy and Albert are on the same obstacle. Coach and Sophie are back with their 3rd bags. Albert gets back. Albert falls off. Ozzy has all of this bags. He starts working on his puzzle. Sophie is a bit of a brat. Coach has his final bag and starts working on the puzzle. Sophie is back with all the bags.

Jeff says that this is the most difficult puzzle of the season. Sophie gets her first piece locked in. Ozzy’s lead is gone. Sophie has her 2nd and 3rd pieces. Ozzy has his 1st. Ozzy has 2. Coach and Albert have nothing. Ozzy has his 3rd. Sophie has her 4, 5, 6 piece. Sophie has her 7th piece. Coach starts to watch. Sophie wins the final immunity. Ozzy is going home. Dang it.

Ozzy tells Coach that he is at peace.

It’s time for tribal council and Ozzy is pretty much heading home. Ozzy puts it out there about tying up the vote. He talked about this with Coach earlier.

Votes to Evict

Albert Ozzy
Coach Ozzy
Ozzy Albert
Sophie Ozzy

Ozzy is voted out. That didn’t come as a surprise. He’s taking it well.

The next day, they get their breakfast and stuff themselves silly. Sophie tells Coach that she wishes that Albert will be held accountable for being squirrelly. Albert also asks Sophie’s advice on how to handle Coach.

They put the camp to the torch. It’s time for the final tribal. Albert starts his opening statement. It’s not very good. Sophie says that she outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted her competition.

I fill the requirements.

Coach’s bit is somewhat uninteresting. Ozzy gets to start the questions. He says that no one wants to vote for any of them. Ozzy says that neither Albert or Sophie are worth voting for. It’s up to Coach. He asks him if he played honorably all of the way.

I’m going to unleash the dogs on you.

Jim asks Albert why Coach and Sophie shouldn’t win. Albert says that Coach was carried to the finals. Dawn asks why Sophie should win. Sophie talks about her final alliance. Rick isn’t happy. He isn’t impressed with his old tribe mates. Brandon isn’t happy with Albert. Whitney says that Albert was sleazy.

You used God to put fear into people
Whitney to Coach

We can already see Sophie’s strategy. She plans on crying to win. Edna talks about God and faith and how they used it to dupe the jury. Sophie tells the jury about the idol shenanigans they went through to “discover” the idol, when Brandon was looking for it desperately.

Survivor Reunion Show

Votes to Win

Brandon Coach
Cochran Coach
Dawn Sophie
Edna Sophie
Jim Coach
Keith Sophie
Ozzy Sophie
Rick Sophie
Whitney Sophie

Sophie wins Survivor by a 6-3 vote. No one voted for Albert. I didn’t really want any of them to win. I think that Ozzy should have won, but he just couldn’t win the last challenge.

By a poll, Jeff quickly points out that Coach would have won Survivor if he would have taken Rick to the finals with Albert.

On the street, you’re not going to approach a person and tell them that you hate them.

I can’t play an under the radar game, because I’m constantly over the radar freaking out all the time.

By far, Cochran is the most entertaining tribe mate interview. Jeff interviews Russ Hantz.

Ozzy wins $100K as the favorite castaway.

In the next season of Survivor, Survivor One World, both tribes will live on the same island. That’s not that big of a twist, but it will be interesting to see about how the individual players will play the social game.

* * * * *

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