My Daily Tweets 12.20.11

  • spnKIX Motorized Skates Let You Fly Down the Sidewalk at 10mph 2 minutes ago 
  • Marvel Digital Stylus Doubles as Pen 5 minutes ago
  • And I made it home before the rain. Not a bad way to end the day. 9 hours ago
  • Had some leftovers and made some curry fried rice, small portion, instead of eating some bad food. 9 hours ago
  • @Joelle_writes That’s a cool way to celebrate your birthday and Christmas, as well as NYE. 9 hours ago
  • 5.16 KM Speed Walk (1.5 KM) + Short Run (3.66KM) + Weight Training 9 hours ago
  • I’m probably gonna feel this one tomorrow. 9 hours ago
  • Had to walk him, bring him back home and then head out for a run. Run was about 3.5km. Felt good. had a bit of asthma. Need 2 get a new pump 9 hours ago
  • Finally went out for a run and did some training. 20 min weights & situps, 50 min run, but 1.5km was a long walk w Spike 9 hours ago
  • @Joelle_writes congrats! 9 hours ago
  • “He had a fierce temper on him, did Chips, and when he lost the head there was only one way to get it back”–Paul Murray 10 hours ago
  • Looks like NYE will be spent at Club Myst w Dave Seaman and Christian Smith. Hoping that it will be a lot more tech house than prog. 12 hours ago
  • Thankfully the Beats Studio have a replaceable cord, I even have one ready to go. 12 hours ago
  • I’m trying to be really careful w my Beats Studio headphones bc all of my previous hifi headphones broke w the jack in a computer speaker. 12 hours ago
  • I had one meal today, but lots of fresh squeezed juices. Feeling some hunger, might pick up something after walking Spike 12 hours ago
  • The US housing starts jump all in NorthEast – has to be related to weather and damages from storms – but still a positive for economy 12 hours ago
  • I have so many shows to watch, it’s scary. Currently caught up on #Misfits. Trying to catch up on #Homeland. 12 hours ago
  • And here’s my big post of my favorite media of 2011 (games, magazines, TV shows, movies, albums, tracks, and comics):… 13 hours ago
  • hot photographer was the bride’s sister’s friend, waiting to hear back. 14 hours ago
  • Done for the day. Time to relax. 8:15PM. 14 hours ago
  • Had to manually update FF bc it wouldnt detect the new update by itself. Probably rolled out for the US first. 14 hours ago
  • One of my students gave me a Christmas card, probably one of the few I’ll receive this year. 14 hours ago
  • Thairine Garcia by Zee Nunes for Marie Claire Brazil… via @fashgonerogue 15 hours ago
  • LIFE Magazine’s Sexiest Photos of all Time » Design You Trust – Design and Beyond!… via @4designyoutrust 15 hours ago
  • The difference between buyings here and back home is that I pay cash for all of my purchases, and it’s not on credit 15 hours ago
  • someone had spilled their giant milk tea drink all over my parking space. Used the hose to hose it away. 15 hours ago
  • @jeansnow It is quite different, but very good. I will probably watch it again over the holidays 15 hours ago
  • M:I GHOST PROTOCOL: Ethan Hunt’s big plan — Involves iPhones and iPads — MacBook Air saves us. 17 hours ago
  • “Money never sleeps” because it does so much cocaine. 17 hours ago
  • @jeansnow have fun. I watched it about a month ago! 15 hours ago
  • Time to get back to work. 18 hours ago
  • At about 110 kph, on a scooter, it feels quite fast. Plus the Kymco Racing 150 is so stable at high speeds. 18 hours ago
  • @yiiee I’ve got one less class per week for the next couple of weeks & a bit less freelancing. Feels like a mini-vacay 18 hours ago
  • I like Young Herriot on BBC. It reminds me when I was younger and watched All Creatures Great & Small w the parents 18 hours ago
  • My guess that her top speed is closer to 118kph in perfect conditions. 18 hours ago
  • Got Azure Zoe up to 112kph. Nice. She streamlines when she hits 8-9000 rpm 18 hours ago
  • Drizzle in Taipei for a few minutes, but cold when you drive fast. 18 hours ago
  • Will social networks kill the high school reunion? | The Verge… // Already did 18 hours ago
  • @neilhimself I’ve done a couple of those myself – but the major tactic of nonpayment is silence, which makes them even more frustrating 20 hours ago
  • The worst thing about being a freelancer is chasing the money one is owed. Very had not to take it personally 21 hours ago
  • The Year in Pictures: Part I – The Big Picture – 22 hours ago
  • Kim Jong Il, 1 942-2011 – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus22 hours ago
  • Saab Hits the  End of the Road | Autopia |… 22 hours ago
  • @yiiee somehow they get into the bedroom. I have an electric thing to kill them, but I need to buy a small zapper. Still super annoying. 23 hours ago
  • ZAC FASHION: Miranda Kerr by Chris Colls,… 23 hours ago
  • Apparently now I get 20% off at Apple stores. There is some Apple gear I want. I also need to take care of my HD situation. a Drobo. 23 hours ago
  • So Canadian iTunes gift cards dont work with US registered iTunes accounts. WTF. 23 hours ago
  • mosquitoes and a strange sore throat made sleep unhomogenous last night 23 hours ago
  • 1. Go to 2. Search for “iPad”. => Top result: Compare iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire promotion page. 20 Dec
  • “There is a fairy tale quality to the novel The Blue Fox by the Icelandic author Sjon.” ( 20 Dec
  • The trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is now out: 20 Dec
  • J’ai payé 315$ pour faire castrer mon chien pis il continue à me courir après pour me zigner 20 Dec
    My Daily Tweets 12.19.11 23 hours ago

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