4.73 KM (1.73 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3 KM)

It’s been raining quite a bit and the muscle pain from the last two runs has started to show. While it isn’t excruciating, it’s still always present and I was sore most of the day. Lucky for me, I managed to get 11 hours sleep last night, so that probably helped me recover. I rarely get that much sleep during the work week, but training makes you really tired, so I go to bed earlier.

The run was good. I completed it in 24:32 and my pace was 8:13 min/km, which is the fastest yet. Heart rate peaked at 172 bpm and the average was 152 bpm, so this was a good workout. I’m expecting a drop in weight by next week. I’ve lost a few kgs already. I’ve also got one more inch to lose around my midsection and I can wear some clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time, which I got back over the summer. The speed walk definitely warms me up for the run and even though there still is some internal debate about whether I should run or not, I’m trying to start a trend so that I just don’t really ask myself those questions anymore.

Food-wise, I was pretty good. Lots of fresh-squeezed juices, a steak, some soup, and some chicken. For some reason, I think that I’m actually eating a lot less than before.

* * * * *


weekly km count: 14.72
monthly km count: 14.72
yearly km count: 36.82


weekly km count: 0
monthly km count: 0
yearly km count: 19.88

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