5.05 KM (2.05 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3 KM)

I was pretty tired today, mostly because of the run last night and the fact that I went to bed somewhat later than usual. I didn’t really feel like going for a run, but one way or the other, I need to walk Spike, so it’s basically the perfect opportunity to go out for a run right after.

The run was fine. I ran the usual short run, of 3 km. My pace was 7:52 min/km and it took me 23:31, so it was just a bit slower than yesterday. However, I had speed-walked a bit more today. I pushed myself harder and had only 2 short breaks during my run. That was one of my goals for this week, to stop the walking periods of my runs. Even when I did walk, it was for a really short time, probably less than 100m in total. My heart rate was at a high of 179 bpm and an average of 162. My heart rate had diminished during the speed walks (average of 126 bpm)

I had put in a good effort and I felt it walking home. This marks the day that I broke out my compression socks to recover and the menthol spray, something that usually happens when I train. It’s part of my recovery routine, and helps deal with some of the muscle pains. During the day, I barely felt yesterday’s run, which was cool. Last week, I certainly felt it a lot more. I also felt a lot better while running. My cardio has improved.

Food-wise, I was pretty good. I had eggs with tuna as a late breakfast, then at around 8PM, I had some chicken with peppers that I cooked myself. After the run, I had some fresh-squeezed tangerine juice.

So on the weekend, hopefully I will be able to go for a long run on Sunday. My goal is to run at least 7 km and hopefully by next week, bump up my daily runs to at least 5km per day. Last week, I ran for three days. This week, I’ll probably run during the whole week, except on Saturday. If I go out on Friday, I won’t run either.

* * * * *


weekly km count: 9.71
monthly km count: 24.46
yearly km count: 46.56


weekly km count: 0
monthly km count: 0
yearly km count: 19.88

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