Justin Michael @ Luxy Taipei

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I try to go to most electronic music DJs in Taipei, and when I heard that Justin Michael, an LA based DJ that’s not that well known, I decided to go to Luxy. I hadn’t been to Luxy yet, and it was an interesting experience. I met up with a friend and we arrived a little before 1AM. That was perfect, because Justin Michael started at around 1AM. The place was packed, and stayed packed until 4AM.

Right out of the elevator, you’re greeted by lasers all over the place. They come down from the floor and are reflected, forming these ethereal squares. It was initially confused, thinking it was a mirror, that’s basically the effect that you get, but it was cool.

Luxy is a medium-sized club, the main dancefloor is recessed, allowing people to easily peer over the crowd. There were some go-go girls for a few songs, but they didn’t stay long. There were many people and many foreigners, including a bunch of Germans from NTU.

The DJ ranking sites list Justin Michael at around 86,000th place, so I was happy that the $600NT ($20 USD) cover included 2 drinks. They didn’t have Red Bull, which was strange, but lots of alcohol, which I don’t drink. Justin Michael spins a sort of prog house, that includes lots of remixes of popular songs, like Wonderwall and Smells Like Teen Spirit. That’s not really what I like, but it wasn’t bad. He also mixed in some more tech house, which didn’t always fit, but at least he wasn’t using his laptop to beatmatch and did all of this by hand. He was wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Taipei City’.

His mixing style was OK. I noticed a few missed mixes that he was able to fix quickly enough, and no real big mess-ups. The tracks didn’t flow seamlessly, but it looked like he was having fun and that is important.

I left at around 4AM and he was still spinning.

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