My Daily Tweets 12.29-30.11

  • Spent 22hrs awake and then slept for 8. I was expecting longer. 3 minutes ago
  • @yiiee At least nothing’s coming out of her bum. My cat likes to eat ribbons. Hasn’t done so in a while, but it isn’t pretty either. 4 minutes ago
  • Gizmon iCA Camera Case Turns New iPhones into Old Leicas 10 minutes ago
  • I think I’ll just go to bed. Getting drowsy and it’s already 6AM. Going out for NYE at ATT w Dave Seaman and Christian Smith 9 hours ago
  • Looking forward to tomorrow, Dave Seaman, Christian Smith. Hopefully a nice dancefloor that’s not sardine city 9 hours ago
  • One thing I learned is that if you want to dance, don’t go to Luxy. I felt like a turnstile. 9 hours ago
  • Lots of foreigners. Probably the most foreigners that I’ve seen in a long time. 9 hours ago
  • Met some Germans who said that there were lots of Germans in Taipei. Talked German. They were surprised that I was fluent and had no accent 9 hours ago
  • The lasers at the entry are a bit confusing. It makes it look like mirrors are everywhere. Still, it was cool. I had fun 9 hours ago
  • The DJ certainly was having fun. At one pt, he was on his decks, jumping about. Gogo girls were sexy. 9 hours ago
  • Around minute 50, my daughter announced that we should leave _The Muppets_. I could only love her more if she’d said it 51 minutes earlier. 9 hours ago
  • Facebook’s core competency: basically just a reminder service to tell your friends “Happy Birthday!” when you sporadically log in. 9 hours ago
  • It was a meat market, but I had fun w chelsea. 9 hours ago
  • Too many remixes of famous songs, like smells like teen spirit, wonderwall, etc. Felt out of place. 9 hours ago
  • DJ was Justin Michael. While there were some good bits during his 4hr set, the kind of music he spins isn’t really what I like. 9 hours ago
  • Had a good time at Luxy. It was packed. DJ wasn’t bad. It was better than expected. Mixes weren’t always stellar, but cover came w 2 drinks 9 hours ago
  • Time to walk Spike. 16 hours ago
  • I think I’ll have a macchiato before leaving. 16 hours ago
  • 5 tangerines make a great fresh-squeezed juice. Energy booster as well. 16 hours ago
  • Still going strong on 5 hrs of sleep. I haven’t had much sleep over the last 2 days. I’ll recuperate tonight. 16 hours ago
  • Bite to eat was good. Probably going to have some fresh-squeezed tangerine juice. 16 hours ago
  • 10PM, gonna eat something then watch something, then walk Spike and head out. 17 hours ago
  • Means I have time to eat. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been pretty. 17 hours ago
  • Not going to town early, will probably take a taxi into town for 11:30PM. Co-worker sounds somewhat sick. That’s not gonna make me stay home 17 hours ago
  • FU Mozzilla. Another FF crash. WTF. In the middle of writing a post no less. 17 hours ago
  • @MichaelSurtees Nice one Michael. 17 hours ago
  • 100 Eleventh Ave and IAC buildings not #walkingtoworktoday 18 hours ago
  • Jeez, this post is taking long. I still have one left, then espresso, and getting ready to go out. 18 hours ago
  • They liked me being pro-active. Kid’s a nightmare and makes the class difficult to teach. 18 hours ago
  • I wrote a detailed list of all of the stuff he did in the last 2 weeks that were unacceptable. Gave copies to co-teacher and boss. 18 hours ago
  • Boss and co-teacher know this, only the mom doesnt realize this yet. Or she does and doesnt care. She’s probably doing the spoiling. 18 hours ago
  • We have a difficult kid in our grade 2 class. he’s spoiled rotten, and doesnt understand that the classroom has rules. 18 hours ago
  • My grade 4 class is obsessed with bikinis. I don’t know why. Each time I say “beginning” they hear bikini. Was funny on a Friday 18 hours ago
  • I’m down to 84kg. Lowest weight in 2 years. 18 hours ago
  • “Are you on a diet? You’ve lost weight!” my boss to me today. I liked hearing that. It’s the running and the diet BTW. 18 hours ago
  • Surprised that my co-worker is coming w me. Fridays are hard days for everyone at work. Lots of kids and only 4 foreign teachers 18 hours ago
  • The important thing was that I had no breaks. Block hours from 9AM to 6:30PM. I took a break for coffee at 12:30 to 12:45 18 hours ago
  • Almost gave up on finding tops to go out w, when I spotted the DKNY shop w 40% sales. Not bad. Still, didnt like it. 18 hours ago
  • Just back from work. 9hr shift, not bad. Then, I went clothes shopping. What a nightmare. Hate doing that, but I managed to get some stuff 18 hours ago
  • ♂ 30 Dec
  • got called in to sub, thought about not going, but It gives me a full day of teaching, w no breaks. Nice. 30 Dec
  • My Year in Pictures-2011 30 Dec
  • The Be st in IKEA Hacks Best of 2011 Dec
  • British Prime Minister Runs Country with iPad: There’s an App for That 30 Dec
  • Gavio Pill Dock: Your iPod nano Takes the Red Pill 30 Dec
  • Princeton Students Disrupt A JP Morgan Recruiting Session With A Devastating Chant… via @clusterstock 30 Dec
  • 6.03 KM (1.89 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (4.14 KM) 30 Dec
  • Got a haircut today My hairdresser gives hard massages I like them. She really grinds me down She doesnt always do massages bc she’s so busy 30 Dec
  • menthol spray giving me a nice burn. Feeling like an old man. Probably smelling like one too. 30 Dec
  • I think I have to re-evaluate my real-time goals for training. I’ll be able to run a lot better in 1 or 2 months. 30 Dec
  • Time for a medium rare steak w peppers. I’m cooking, good-looking! 30 Dec
  • To me, training is a numbers game. Part of the motivation was to get better numbers at the end of the day. 30 Dec
  • Pushed myself a bit harder, did 6.06km. “pain is an illusion” and “abstraction” are power words. Had 2 small breaks during teh run. 30 Dec
  • Started to rain while I was walking Spike, that didn’t stop me from going for a run. 30 Dec
  • First time I needed a contrast shower to recover from my run. Then menthol spray and compression socks. Feeling pretty good right about now 30 Dec
  • Unless you’re drinking eagle blood out of a cheetah skull, I don’t want to see your tribal tattoo. 29 Dec
  • Hates it when someone texts you, you text them back, then… nothing #wtfwhetedidyougo 29 Dec
  • @itsminhvybitch oui je me suis desabonne a tous les groupes a cause du spam 30 Dec
  • Can stylometry be used to discover authorship of anonymous docs? Yes. Can adversarial stylometry be defeated by countermeasures? Yes. #28C3 29 Dec
  • Haven’t had dinner yet, just some fresh-squeezed OJ so that I can run w being full 29 Dec
  • Getting up was painful. At least tomorrow I can sleep in, slightly. Got a few errands to run b4 work. 29 Dec
  • Today I got only 4hrs of sleep + 1h power nap. 29 Dec
  • Not getting out of a run tonight. It’s 17C, so no layers needed. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose me too. havent gotten much sleep and went to bed way too late. coffee only works up to a point. 29 Dec
  • @yiiee Thankfully, the IKEA is near my house. I need some nice thick towels. 29 Dec
  • @yiiee That always happens. there’s always something else you need from IKEA 29 Dec
  • @yiiee Yep, I need your email 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose anyway let me know what you end up doing, easiest is by text, 0936641984 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose yep, not going out too late. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose I’ll probably go to Luxy, and maybe have dinner in Taipei after class. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose r u going out later? I’m working until 6:30PM. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose probably. I didnt check my tickets, what are you doing tomorrow? 29 Dec
  • “Stay away from India” PM David Cameron to Clarkson, Capt Slow and the Hamster, while coming out of 10 Downing St and getting into his car 29 Dec
  • “Shortly after coming into office, Mr. Cameron noticed that Britain, in essence, was bankrupt” Clarkson in Top Gear on Downing Street 29 Dec
  • Open Letters: An Open Letter to the Gentleman Blow-Drying His Balls in the Gym Locker Room.:… 29 Dec
  • Oh yeah, Top Gear India Special. Yippee, forgot about that! 29 Dec
  • Keep forgetting that a lot of locals don’t speak much English. It’s noticeable when you flirt. 29 Dec
  • annoying at times, but still cute. 29 Dec
  • Done for the day. Not bad. Time to relax. 29 Dec
  • @Chelsea_L_Rose hey, it’s not at Myst, it’s at ATT. Somewhere nearby or in the same building. Myst has got some other DJs that night 29 Dec
  • Yoda requesting my attention when I try to get some work done. 29 Dec
  • NSFW @AlyshaNett for Front Mag:… 29 Dec
  • @tarynevelyn‘s Tech Top 10 for Unplggd… 29 Dec
  • Why did I read so much about Keira Knightley’s vagina in… 29 Dec
  • I think I need to go buy some clothes. 29 Dec
  • Prof said class over this morning. I’m not sure if there’s class next week. I’ll have to double-check. That would be swell. 29 Dec
  • @yiiee You need an invite to join? Joined a while ago and you didnt need one. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy And just bought a cheapo repair set, the JVC HAS600, which aren’t bad for their price 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I have a pair of Beats Studio by Dre in repair. They are new. An older Sony MDR DJ500 which are also being repaired. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy The HD800 cost a bit much for my taste, but I use headphones all of the time, I rarely use speakers. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy At least to my ears. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I’d probably buy some Shure, the SE500 or above as my next earbuds. Higher end headphones make a big differences 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I’m looking at the HD800, their hi-fi model, which is very expensive, but probably worth it since I can’t buy a TV or speakers 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy The only Sennheiser headphones I had were the HD 570, over the ear, they were fine but fragile. 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy I paid about $100 CAD for the SE115 in 2008 or so I believe. They are about to expire, problems w the cord, so I might buy sme 29 Dec
  • @wobblesmccoy haven’t bought them yet. I have Shure SE115. They are OK 29 Dec
  • No Facebook you don’t get to push me notifications. Neither does Gmail #InboxZero 29 Dec
  • The best way to get rid of a headache is not to have a husband/boyfriend you don’t want to fuck. 29 Dec
  • Finished #AlteredCarbon and started#BrokenAngels. 83 rd book of 2011 29 Dec
  • The last few eps of Gantz the anime were unnecessary. The 2nd movie is more fun for that 29 Dec
  • One hour 30 left in class 29 Dec
  • Ugh, enumerative combinatorics until noon. 29 Dec
  • #Riot: Self-Organized, Hyper-Networked Revolts—Coming to a City Near You | Wired… 29 Dec
  • My teen relatives are at the stage now where the only sounds that come out of them are new text message notifications. 29 Dec
  • Japan’s nuclear exclusion zone – The Big Picture – 29 Dec
  • North Korea Mourns Kim Jong Il – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus 29 Dec
  • Holy crap, I am tired this morning. Just want to go back to bed, but I have class and need a haircut. 29 Dec
  • My Daily Tweets 12.28.11 29 Dec

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