Jared’s Clean Workstation: One Year Later

120111_rg_JaredSchmidUpdate_01.jpgWe featured Jared’s setup about a year ago here at Unplggd, and we liked how he organized the lighting of his desk. Instead of using LED strips, he actually used some spots to light up his frosted glass desk. It gave off a nice diffuse glow, which is something we yearn for when we spend hours typing away at our workstations.

Desktop 3D-Printed Warhammer 40K Mini-Figurines Look Awesome

I’m always amazed at the stuff that people are able to do with 3D printers, especially now that makers are able to build their own and the technology isn’t just in the hands of the big corporations. These 3D printed mini-figurines are designed to play tabletop wargames, including Warhammer 40K.

wargames warhammer 40k 3d-printing figurines diy gaming

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Peel: Coffee Maker from the Future

This new coffee maker looks like it came straight out of the future to pour some hot java in your cup. The effect is supposed to mimic a “rich waterfall of coffee.” I’m not too sure about that, but it does look pretty unusual.

peel coffee machine maker hjc design future appliance

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Tips For Setting Up An All Glass Desk

113011_rg_FrostedGlassDesks_01.jpgSelecting a glass desk for your workstation invites both pros and cons. While they can look great with their transparent, open space presence, the flipside is everything is exposed. Without planning, all those cables and wires you can usually hide with a solid desk becomes a visual eyesore, but there are a few techniques and accessories which can outfit your glasstop desk for both utility and aesthetics…

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Space Invaders Waffle: They’re Invading Breakfast, Is Lunch Next?

Sure, this Space Invaders waffle look delicious, but it makes you wonder if they’ll ever invade your other meals. I don’t think there’s any danger of that, but are there other meals that can be shaped like Space Invaders?

space invaders invader art show waffles

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Jetman Yves Rossy Flies in Formation: Danger Has No Meaning to This Guy

Yves Rossy, the flying Swiss maniac, has appropriately called himself Jetman, and I have to say that his moniker is well deserved, because that thing strapped to his back just looks plain dangerous. His latest stunt? Flying in formation with a pair of L-39C fighter jets.

yves rossy jetman flying formation jets crazy

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