My Daily Tweets 12.31.11

  • @SoIWasLikeYo thanks. I tried to reach 100 but didn’t. Going to try for 2012. 59 seconds ago 
  • Asahi Vending Machines Now Dispense Free Wi-Fi and Beer! 4 minutes ago
  • 8-Bit Tie: Perfect if You’re Interviewing to Be a Video Game Character 6 minutes ago
  • “That’s not important, let’s dance” girl to me earlier today when I asked her what she did. 9 hours ago
  • The DKNY t-shirt I was wearing was supposed to be more low-key, but it wasn’t. It was black & white Friend said that it made me easy 2 spot 10 hours ago
  • Glad 2011 is over, it was shitty for me personally. But 2012 will be awesome. 10 hours ago
  • Even if she was hot. The party could have done w more ravers though. Some D-bags and creepers were all around, but not as bad as Luxy 10 hours ago
  • I gave mine to Sean. He was happy. Girl tried to make me drink shots. Obviously she didnt know me, bc that’s never going to happen 10 hours ago
  • Lots of people just popped out to see the fireworks. Bought tickets in advance for $1300NT. Each ticket included 3 Singha beers. 10 hours ago
  • As someone who was used to big raves in Quebec, I found it surprising that there weren’t more people there for the countdown. 10 hours ago
  • By 4AM, after Dave Seaman finished, people were leaving, which was odd, but then again, I left as well. 10 hours ago
  • It could have been harder, but it was nice to hear non prog music for once. 10 hours ago
  • Both DJs did stellar mixing. I couldn’t find fault with them, and I tried. Music was right up my alley too, tech house and techno 10 hours ago
  • I need to get my iphone soon. My old phone isnt cutting it anymore. 10 hours ago
  • Happy New Year everyone, it’s already 2012 here. 10 hours ago
  • The vibe was good, lots of people dancing and having fun. Basically a rave on the 6F. 10 hours ago
  • Once again, no Red Bulls, but some Taiwanese equivalent, which was expensive. Sells for 35 at 7-11, they sold it for $150NT. 10 hours ago
  • Getting there was a nightmare though, bc Xinyi was blocked off for the fireworks. 10 hours ago
  • Once again, mixing alcohol and all night dancing isn’t a winning combo. Some of people sick in corners, but it was still fun. 10 hours ago
  • It wasn’t packed, which was cool. Enough room to dance on the dancefloor and you didn’t feel like a turnstile. 10 hours ago
  • Christian Smith was great, as was Dave Seaman. I preferred Chris Smith’s music, but Dave Seaman mixed really good. 10 hours ago
  • Excellent music BTW, not too many creepers and lots of party people 10 hours ago
  • It was practically empty when we arrived, but filled up after the fireworks at 101. 10 hours ago
  • Just got back from Singha Golden NYE. It was more of a rave than anything else I’ve been to in Taipei. 10 hours ago
  • Coming on Tuesday: the biggest, best 2012 book preview around! 12 hours ago
  • @SoIWasLikeYo Good. I read 83 books in 2011. It’s fun and you watch less TV. 10 hours ago
  • @yiiee sounds fun, though I wouldn’t mind seeing you in fancy clothes and heels 😉 10 hours ago
  • RT @iA: Read this!… 19 hours ago
  • Running a bit late, but time to get ready and leave. 20 hours ago
  • No wonder my boss and other people remarked on my weight loss. I think I went down to 82 from 94 a couple of weeks ago. 20 hours ago
  • My scale indicates 82 kg. Hmm. Not bad. I only have 6kgs to lose to get to my optimal weight, or thereabouts. 20 hours ago
  • Justin Michael @ Luxy 21 hours ago
  • Ok only managed 300ml. 21 hours ago
  • I don’t have a dryer, but my water heater does a good job of drying clothes quickly. 21 hours ago
  • Then espresso, macchiato before leaving for the night. 21 hours ago
  • I think I’ll ha ve 600ml of low fat yogurts. Feels like that right about now.21 hours ago
  • @yiiee You have to pull them out of her butt. Anyway, happened only a few times but lesson learned. No strings or ribbons around. 21 hours ago
  • I like how Facebook now has the translate option. Makes it easier. 22 hours ago
  • Walked Spike, now having a fresh-squeezed tangerine juice while relaxing. 22 hours ago
  • Finally done w work on NYE. It’s almost 5PM 23 hours ago
  • Came across it while outside the NTNU campus and registering is painless. All you need is a mobile phone number. 23 hours ago
  • Just registered w TPE-Free, free city-wide WiFi 23 hours ago
  • 3 posts to write today. Ah well. Almost done. One more to go. 23 hours ago
  • and by long, I expected to sleep for longer. But it’s good that I’m awake. 31 Dec
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