4.74 KM (1.32 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3.42 KM)

My knee has been bothering me since NYE, so I took it easy last week after my run. I felt like running, but my knee just didn’t feel up to it. I spent most of the week with it wrapped up. Thankfully, it’s hurting a lot less and feeling less sore. It wasn’t really hurting much, but it was constant. This is basically why I stopped running in 2009. The same knee was acting up.

Anyway, the run felt good, although I took it easy. I didn’t push myself too hard because I didn’t want to re-injure my knee. It paid off because I was able to complete my run without much pain. I still felt it, but ultimately it was fine. I ran 3.42km in 29:02. It’s a slow pace for me, but I’ll take whatever I can get, at 8:29. My best pace since I started training again was 7:14.

My heart rate peaked at 177 bpm and my average for the run was 143 bpm. I still feel that I have a lot of weight to lose, even though I already lost about 12 kg (~28.6lbs). Once it fit into my smaller clothing and I no longer have haunches, I’ll be happy. It might be after the CNY holiday though. Still, getting to 82 kg in such a short time is cool. Now to get to 70kg and then start bulking up on muscles.

Food has been pretty standard, lots of chicken and some steaks, citrus fruits in the form of fresh-squeezed juices (at least 500ml to 1L a day, sometimes more), yogurts, almost no convenience store food (which isn’t good for you). I have taken a shine to some of the Starbucks sandwiches, especially the club sandwiches and the ciabatta sandwiches. I go for Starbucks coffee, caramel macchiato (which is actually a latte, not a pure macchiato) once every two weeks or so. The nearby Bread Society has got a special on and their caramel macchiatos are strong and originally made, at a quarter of the price of the Starbucks coffee (and in smaller quantity of course).

* * * * *


weekly km count: 4.74
monthly km count: 10.59
yearly km count: 10.59



weekly km count: 0
monthly km count: 0
yearly km count: 0

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