My Daily Tweets 01.18.12

  • Evolutionary Biologists Make Multicellular Life Evolve in the Lab 8 minutes ago
  • ESA’s Hershel Space Telescope Captures Incredible Views of Eagle Nebula 10 minutes ago
  • Naoto Fukasawa’s Infobar C01: Android Smartphone Gets Retro Styling 12 minutes ago
  • iOptik Dual-Focus Contact Lenses Could Revolutionize Head-Mounted Displays 13 minutes ago
  • I like how Emma likes how she knows all of the audience’s names. #BBBits 9 hours ago
  • It’s my time! Finally, my shot at the spotlight! It’s only taken me seventeen years! Wikipedia? Who needs it! Encarta ’95 is here to stay. 20 hours ago
  • Alex is totally dim and shit on #BBBits. The audience is laughing their asses off at her dimness. 9 hours ago
  • Big Brother 9. Mikey gets hit with a baseball: Hilarious! via @youtube 10 hours ago
  • Georgia might just be a cardboard cutout, #BBBits 10 hours ago
  • Missed Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. Finally got it for the last 2 eps. #BBBits10 hours ago
  • Just like Peter Burns, I like the twins on #CBB. There is a deepness to them that’s surprising for 22-year old playmates 10 hours ago
  • “A nap is a mini suicide.” -Rick Owens, on his need for a daily nap 10 hours ago
  • Finished Facebooking. time to walk my puppy Spike. He’s cozying up to the heater right now. 10 hours ago
  • Unfortunate Wikipedia is down, as most of my day is spent researching dead African witch doctors. Guess I’ll just have to watch porn. #Sigh 11 hours ago
  • Almost midnight and I just finished working. Should have done it earlier, but I was 2 tired. I should have taken a nap, but was 2 out of it 11 hours ago
  • I don’t need to dumb things down, which is cool. 11 hours ago
  • I like writing about science. I feel it makes me smarter. The writing is academic and cerebral. 11 hours ago
  • @Joelle_writes maybe it will fade in a couple of days. I’m sure it’s not that bad. 11 hours ago
  • @StevenHandel @DrRobD You should break off communications and never talk to that bitch again. #Happenedtome 12 hours ago
  • What To Do When You Know About an Affair @DrRobD #psychology #relationships 12 hours ago
  • 2 posts down 2 more to go. 12 hours ago
  • Le corps abstrait vu par Klaus Kampert… via @phototrend 12 hours ago
  •  ╭━━┓╭━━╮┏━━╮╭━━╮
  • ┃╭━┛┃╭╮┃┃┏╮┃┃╭╮┃
  • ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
  • ┏━╯┃┃╰╯┃┃┏━╯┃┏┓┃
  • ┗━━╯╰━━╯┗┛┈┈┗┛┗┛ #SOPA, stop it before it stops you! #SOPAblackout 18 Jan
  • █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ █████████████ #SOPAblackout 21 hours ago
  • @yiiee Think I might need it tonight. 17 hours ago
  • I’d like to order a last minute stripper, Jess in #NewGirl 17 hours ago
  • you are not emotionally, mentally, and spiritually prepared to throw these dbags a party, Nick in #NewGirl 17 hours ago
  • we’re bronemies, we’re frenemies, Schmidt in #NewGirl 17 hours ago
  • After this year, it’s all darkness, Schmidt in #NewGirl 17 hours ago
  • Lessons for Kickstarter creators from the worst project I ever funded on Kickstarter 18 hours ago
  • Spotify vs. Rdio, Part 2: The Billboard Charts | Epicenter |… 18 hours ago
  • Haven’t had anything to eat all day. Just had a complete papaya, and currently enjoying a sandwich w ham, blue cheese, and Dijon mustard 18 hours ago
  • FF crashed this morning again. GReader and FF no longer play nice. WTF Mozilla. 18 hours ago
  • I was supposed to come back from work to do more work before the wei-ya, but honestly, I am too tired. Gonna watch #NewGirl instead. 18 hours ago
  • @yiiee That’s why I downloaded Wikipedia this morning via the Offline Wiki extension for Chrome. Just in case. 18 hours ago
  • █████ ██ █ ████ everything ███ █████ is ████ ██ ████ fine ████ ███ █ █████ love. █████ █████ ███ your ████ ████ government. #SOPA 20 hours ago
  • FBI says Wu Tang Clan was involved w gunrunning, drug-dealing, larceny & murder. It took them this long to listen to the first album? 18 Jan
  • Downloading Wikipedia via Offline Wiki’s Chrome extension, just in case it never comes back. 22 hours ago
  • Wei-ya is at 7PM. Lugging MBP to get stuff done in the Starbucks most likely. Or drive home? Probably drive home! Work is 10 min away. 23 hours ago
  • Means lugging around my MBP so that I can GTD. I have lots of posts to write and if I have 2hrs, I’ll get it done. 23 hours ago
  • Still feeling tired. More coffee? Homemade macchiato might do the trick. Tonight is the wei-ya of our school. I don’t know at what time 23 hours ago
  • Physically protest tomorrow to protest SOPA and PIPA 18 Jan
  • I do like I can use Find my iPhone to find my Mac Pro. “Yup still at the desk”. “Yup. still there.” “Nope, hasn’t moved an inch”. 18 Jan
  • If writers had to wait until their precious psyches were completely serene there wouldn’t be much writing done. – William Styron 18 Jan
  • Guy next 2 me at cafe just pulled a typewriter out of a suitcase & started typing. Surely that’s the most hipster thing that’s ever happened 18 Jan
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