Alcatraz Kit Nelson S01E03 (Fox)

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Alcatraz is J.J. Abrams next show, and it’s currently being broadcast on Fox. The overall setup is eerily similar to Fringe, since it features an FBI task force investigating crimes, however that’s where the similarities end. Although, the show does feature Jorge Garcia from Lost and another blonde female lead, à la Anna Torv, but she’s much younger and starts out as a detective before getting assigned to Hauser and his team.  It turns out that Alcatraz was never closed. The prisoners just vanished and they have started reappearing for some unknown purpose. Each of them accomplishes some task for some nefarious over mind that we’ve yet to meet. The exact mechanics of the transport is unknown, but certain clues point towards wormholes of some kind.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are a lot of similarities with Fringe. Time will tell if this show has a different way of functioning, but naturally, they don’t dwell into fringe science. However, the methodology is somewhat akin to what we’ve come to expect from Fringe. The first two episodes were good. I didn’t dislike them, but we haven’t learned much about the exact reasons why the prisoners of Alcatraz were abducted and how. The show plays out in different times, which hasn’t been confusing yet, but it could become tedious if not properly dealt with.

* * * * *

A pedophile from Alcatraz is loose in the present.

Soto is drawing a comic book about the last case. He hears something that catches his attention on the police scanner app on his MacBook.

Hauser is visiting Lucy. Madsen comes by. Doc comes by and says that Kit Nelson is back because of the signature. He left a flower in the bed. It’s his MO. It’s Kit Nelson. He abducts boys on Fridays, and brings back their lifeless bodies on Sunday. They’ve got 48 hours to find this kid.

The mom recognizes Kit’s mugshot. The kid’s brother Liam also recognizes him.

Nelson was approached by Madsen, the same way that Sylvane was: in the infirmary. He used the same sentences he used before, something about giving blood.

Nelson has gone fishing with the boy. He makes the boy dunk him in the water and then dunks the boy. Madsen and Doc are hot on his trail. Nelson takes the boy to a movie theater.

Hauser cancels the Amber alert so that they can catch Nelson bringing back the dead kid. Doc is really pissed off and leaves. He thought about something that involved cherry pie and then goes looking for some cherry pies in the county. After a few diners, he comes across Nelson and the kid. Serendipitously, Madsen calls just at that moment.

She arrives in time to see Doc trying to stop Nelson. Nelson has got a gun on them, then makes them handcuff themselves. They get away, even after Madsen shoots the cuffs loose.

Doc and Madsen figure out that Nelson is using bomb shelters as an operating base.

In the past, the warden made Nelson confess to the murder of his brother when he was young. He killed him in a bomb shelter. Then he put the flower on his mom’s bed.

Back at the bomb shelter, the kid tries to make a run for it. Madsen is trying an old Mustang and they’ve narrowed down the search to the right bomb shelter. Nelson is in pursuit of Dylan. They corner him, and Hauser kills him. He popped out of nowhere.

It turns out that Doc was abducted when he was 11 as well and abused. He got away though.

Hauser brings Nelson’s body back to his secret facility. Dr. Beauregard is working as the doctor there. He’s also from the past. He was the medical doctor at Alcatraz.

* * * * *

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