Cloud No. 5 @ China White BunjiBeat, Yoshi, Stanley, PIP & Kay

Cloud No. 5 flyer

This was one of the first electronic music events of the year in Taipei. Since it happened at the tail end of Chinese New Year, I was hoping that people would actually come back out and naturally they did. I arrived at around 11PM after arriving by taxi at China White, a restaurant that has these nights a couple of times every year. The place is pretty small, and there were some foreigners there, but who were a bit disruptive on the dancefloor. I quickly moved away from that.

Cloud No.5 flyer

The place was more of a lounge than anything else, so as such there was a bit to much light on the dancefloor. This couldn’t really be helped, as the bar was close by as was the sitting area. $6 bought you a 700 ml bottle of  Fiji water.

I had seen Yoshi earlier that week @ Luxy in the smaller room on Wednesday. He was spinning again and it was fun. Stanley’s set started mellow, but it quickly became more tech-house and he even played a bit of techno. I found that the set was good, but the vast range of the music he was playing made it somewhat hard to keep dancing.

PIP’s set was really good. It was a bit more aggressive and he played some good techno. The mixing was good as well. This set was easy to dance to and he kept the beat quick and the mixes smooth. He was followed by Kay, and her set brought back some funky elements to the night.

There was a strange fight at around 4AM. I took the opportunity to go home. It was the first fight that I had seen in any club. Unlike some of the bigger clubs, the bouncers were non-existent, so the brawlers were held down by their friends. I don’t know what it was about, but it was a peculiar way to end the night.

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