The People’s Party @ Legacy Metronomy, The Naked & Famous, Bombay Bicyle Club, The Jezabels

Promotional flyer for the People's Party

It took me a while to find the time to write down my thoughts about the People’s Party, which happened @ Legacy in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 11th of January 2012. I had bought my tickets the week before, but had been planning to go to this concert for weeks, as soon as I heard that Metronomy was coming to Taipei.

In 2011, Metronomy quickly became one of my favorite bands, as I listened hundreds of times to their latest album, The English Riviera. I listened to some of their earlier stuff, but We Broke Free, The Look, and Corinne were listened to countless times and made it into my five-star playlist on my main computer.

Metronomy in HK

I didn’t know much about the other bands and I lacked the time to fully familiarize myself with their music. The show was at Legacy in Taipei at 7PM, but I was teaching in Xinjhuang until 6:30PM. I quickly stopped home, changed, and hopped back on the scooter to get into the city. I arrived at around 7:35PM, just enough time to listen to a few songs by the Jezabels. The venue resembles a garage, but they had some Rockstar, so I was happy. Like many clubs in Taipei, Legacy has lockers to store you stuff. It’s pretty convenient.

Bombay Bicycle Club started a little past 8PM and the band was good. They had quite a few folk songs, which came as a surprise, but it was good music. The Naked & Famous was something else. The Kiwi band mixed in some nice samplers and keyboards with guitars, and they had some pretty good songs. The best, at least from what I heard, were Punching in a Dream and Young Blood. Alisa Xayalith was cool to watch as well.

For me, the main event started somewhat late, but it was oh so good. Metronomy immediately started with We Broke Free, which was awesome. I heard all of the best songs from The English Riviera and more during their set. There were some interesting differences between the studio versions and live versions that I heard. I spent most of the set dancing and singing, so it was really cool.

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