Touch Pilot S01E01 (Fox)

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I was initially surprised that Kiefer Sutherland was back on network television, but I have always like 24 so I was actually looking forward to the series on Fox. This series was written and created by Tim Kring, who’s known for Heroes. The series uses some of the techniques from that series, so if you’ve watched Heroes, you’ll feel a familiar when watching this. This series is about a dad struggling with his autistic son, who can see strange patterns in numbers. Everything ends up connected, and Martin Bohm soon discovers this.

While I wanted to like the series, I have to say that I was disappointed, mainly because of the  mathematical elements in the series, which are rudimentary to say the least. It’s definitely not a show aimed at anyone familiar with numbers, patterns, and sequences. That being said, the pilot was watched by over 12 million people and the series was picked up for a full season, so maybe it will improve. I’ll give it a shot to see where it goes, but I wasn’t that impressed.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A guy picks up a box of abandoned cell phones from JFK. He plans to hand them over to his autistic son. The son spoke during the intro, but he’s never spoken to anyone in real life. He talked about the golden ratio and how people were interconnected. It’s his job to help people connect and to keep track of the numbers that bind us.

A dude calls. He’s in Mumbai and he wants his phone back. Actually, he just wants a photo back. The man gets a call from his son’s school. The kid climbed up onto a high platform.

He tells everyone not to touch the kid. All three times that Jake has done this, he came at 3:18PM. The foreman has to report this to CPS.

The kid comes down after being shown the phones that his dad brought for him. The kid’s out of control.

Some chick is singing in a club. It’s in Ireland. Some dude taped Kayla on his mystery phone that everyone is passing around the world. It’s the phone that the guy was after in the beginning. He won’t get it back anytime soon.

At around 3:17, all of the cell phones start ringing. The number is the lottery number that a guy has been obsessed with.

Some lady comes by to assess Jake’s situation. The kid has been up a cell tower quite a few times. Bohm was a highly paid journalist before. His place is huge. His wife was a stockbroker and she died in 9-11. He checks the paper and sees the winning numbers. It’s worth a big jackpot.

The ex-con is Randy. He calls someone and says that he wants to go home.

The guy from the beginning makes a call. He’s on his way to Tokyo.

The lady says that the state is going to evaluate Jake for the next two weeks to see if he should be institutionalized. Jake is going to spend the next two weeks away from home.

Some kid’s family’s oven broke and he’s trying to find a new one.

The phone is now in Japan. Some prostitute has it. She takes it out of her john’s bag and then makes a run for it.

Bohm goes to his wife’s grave and finds a FDNY badge there. It’s got the number 318 on it.

The prostitute is planning on downloading everything from the phone and start a Kayla Graham fan club. They plan on running the videos on Shibuya’s Jumbotron.

Bohm visits some new age web site and then visits the Teller Institute. The man tells him about the Fibonacci sequence, the golden mean.

Jake guesses that the lady’s mom will call right before she does. Then, he circles the 18th of March.

Back at his loft, Bohm finds another phone number in his son’s books. He calls it. It’s at Grand Central Station. The lady comes knocking at the door. Today is March 18th. They’ve got 22 minutes.

Bohm finds the phone and the guy who sucker punched him at the gas station. Then they get into a fight and get arrested.

The boys are breaking into a restaurant. The dudes there have got the phone, that the prostitute stuck into the bag of a Japanese businessman heading to Kuwait. The boy gets caught.

Randall Meade calls Bohm. He leaves a message. He tells him that he found his wife Sarah during 9-11. He carried her down 31 flights of stairs before he could no longer carry her. It’s the man with the lottery ticket. He played the same numbers for 10 years. He made the call right as Bohm walked up to him at Grand Central Station.

Randall is on the TV. He saved kids from a burning school bus. It was the same bus that Jake spotted earlier at the gas station. If he hadn’t missed his train, he couldn’t have saved him.

Bohm goes to see his son. The lady tells him that his son is gone.

The man to whom the phone belonged to originally phones his mobile carrier. Kayla answers. While she is talking to him, she’s singing on the Jumbotron in Shibuya. His daughter died on March 18th. Some of her photos are on there. He raises his head and sees the photos on the Jumbotron.

In Baghdad, the kid has got the phone strapped onto himself on a suicide vest. Kayla phones him and while initially dubious, she tries to convince him to take the battery out.

My kingdom for an oven.

Kayla thinks that she can get an oven from the British dude who sells them all over the world. This convinces him to disconnect the battery.

Kayla sees a video of herself on the Jumbotron on YouTube. She could have just uploaded it herself. WTF.

Jake is back on the cell tower. His father tells him that the kids were saved because of him. He followed the numbers. Jake hugs him and then inputs some more numbers into his phone. Bohm calls it.

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2 thoughts on “Touch Pilot S01E01 (Fox)”

  1. Okay, I stopped at the spoilers and I’ll be giving this a go. Is it like Fringe where every so often something is in the fib sequence or the digits of pi are the clue?

    1. No, it’s a bit more intricate than that. I’d say that Alcatraz is more similar to Fringe than Touch. It’s a bit of the Small World Phenomenon connected with some numbers and such, presented so that everyone can understand it.

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