My Daily Tweets 02.08.12

  • Astronomers Combine Hundreds of Images of Carina Nebula to Reveal Thousands of Stars in Stellar Nursery
  • 3m Caves of Nerja Contain Earliest Human Drawings
  • 3h Inbox zero. Such a beautiful thing.
  • 6m Klipsch M40 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Cut Out Distractions
  • 3h Dali, Klimt Paintings Go Unsold as Buyers Balk at $124.7 Million #Auction #art
  • 8m Retro Apple iPhone Cases Send Your Phone Back in Time
  • 10m Nike Develops Prosthetic Leg Running Sole: Cyborgs Run Among Us
  • 10h Watching #TheRiver. Creepy, and not bad.
  • 10h iAWriter action on my MBP.
  • 10h Funny how this happens after I walk the dog.
  • 10h Spike has been farting my way all night. Doggie, you need to turn your bum around. Now. Actually, I did it for you.
  • 10h If you dismiss an idea as stupid or illegitimate what you are really saying is “I am not asking these sorts of questions.”
  • 10h As it happens, I do use Chrome. I ALSO use Firefox (and I use Safari, too, just for the hell of it). I wanted comment on FF.
  • 10h This is in fact a nerd thing I hate: when you ask about something, the response of “use [different product]” with implied smugness.
  • 10h @scalzi I do use Chrome, but FF as well. And it crashes. All of the time. WTF Mozilla
  • 10h @scalzi but not by much. Still crashing at least 1 a day. Really annoying and yes, what’s up w the people telling me to use Chrome.
  • 10h @scalzi I’ve been having lots of issues since FF upgrade to version 9. Daily or twice daily crashes at least. 10 is slightly better
  • 10h Jesus, people. I’m asking about FF. Saying “Use Chrome!” in response is the OPPOSITE of being useful.
  • 11h I have a stunt double solely for the purpose of swallowing.
  • 11h If you see the word “Catholic” in a headline, you know it’s bad news.
  • 11h A photo of the models used for American Gothic standing next to the painting:…
  • 14h Stay away from people who dont appreciate your hardwork but always pointing out your faults
  • 11h There is an island in the Amazon river that is twice the size of New Jersey.
  • 12h I don’t recommend these. Many other better alternatives.
  • 12h All in all, I’m quite disappointed with the #BeatsStudio headphones. One problem after the other.
  • 12h @digitalyn youll need to improvise! Like I did.
  • 12h The Beats Studio wire has started to fail. It’s the red one, without the mic. Kind of annoying. I expected a lot more for the price.
  • 12h Breaking up with someone is so much easier when you just throw all their shit in a fire. #kiddingbutnot #UpstateBitch
  • 12h Time to walk Spike before it gets too late
  • 12h Murakami’s altered ego | CR…
  • 12h Februrary 8th Sun #FebPhotoaDay Not much sun around here today, rainy and cold
  •  12h February 8 2012 Sun

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