Marco Bailey @ La Vida Kaohsiung, Taiwan 02/11/12

Marco Bailey flyer

A DJ friend mentioned in passing about 3 weeks ago that Marco Bailey would come to Taiwan, but at some club in Kaohsiung. The last time that I saw him was in Montreal, a couple of years ago. It might have been Aria. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Marco’s hard techno beats (MB Elektronics), so I made sure that I had some tickets to the event.

While they weren’t expensive, $600NT  (~$20USD, including 2 drinks, Red Bull was $6.5 USD but water was free), it was traveling to Kaohsiung that was somewhat expensive. HSR to there and back was about $100 USD. I left at around 9PM, arrived in Kaohsiung at 10:30 and arrived at the club at around 11PM. My train back was only at 6:30AM the next day, so I had to kill some time in Kaohsiung. In the future, I’ll probably try to hook up with some Taipei friends who drive down to these events. That will allow me to leave right after.

I took the KRTC subway from Zuoying to Sandao Shopping District station. It was pretty straightforward and quick. When I arrived, Kenji was playing. I was pretty happy that all of the DJs were playing hard techno. The sets were somewhat short, as Marco Bailey would start at around 1:30AM. I heard a quick succession of Michelle, Vertigo, and Mango.

All of the DJs had their MacBooks and I suspect that some of them were using beatmatching, except Marco Bailey and Vertigo. Hard techno isn’t easy to mix, but once you know how to do so, you can easily do tricks, which is why I liked it so much. This is what Marco Bailey did most of his 2-hour set. Vertigo’s set was cool, but he only played for 30 minutes or so.

Marco’s set started out somewhat tame to be honest but I knew that it would get harder. I kept saying harder, harder and I wasn’t disappointed. At one point, it got so hard that a lot of people just left the dancefloor. Ah, the dancefloor. I go to clubs to have a good time and dance, not to stand on the dancefloor, look cool while peering at the DJs. A lot of people in the club were doing that, and I found it annoying. There were also some pushy old ladies, which was disturbing.

I saw a couple of people that I recognized from Taipei (2 in total), but that I didn’t know. There were quite a few foreigners out, including some huge dudes.

Nevertheless, I had a good time and left at around 4. The return trip was harsh. I arrived home at about 8:30AM on a Sunday morning and went to sleep at around 10:30AM.

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