My Daily Tweets 02.11.12

  • 5m Hubble Peers at 10 Billion Year Old Globular Cluster NGC 6752
  • 7m NASA Plans Space Outpost on the Far Side of the Moon at Earth Moon Lagrange Point 2
  • 8m Laser Relativity Satellite to Measure Frame-Dragging Effect of General Relativityb
  • 10m California Volcano Observatory is USGS’s Newest
  • 12m Anyone driving to Taichung next weekend? DM me! Cheers
  • 12m Scientists Find Cure for Neurocysticercosis, a Major Cause of Seizures
  • 14m Marco Bailey was insane, but getting to Kaohsiung was expensive.
  • 15m Researchers Use Body’s Immune System to Fight Cancer
  • 16m Humans Implicated in Africa’s Deforestation 3,000 Years Ago
  • 19m Cinemagram: Like Instagram for Animated GIFs
  • 20m @jeansnow strange it’s never crashed for me and I use it all of the time.
  • 8h I feel bad for the coke dealer. That’s a big account to lose.
  • 8h Pas de fake : ça vient de sa publiciste chez Associated Press. #Whitney
  • 8h I don’t think my bus driver knows how to drive. We keep stopping IN the intersections….
  • 8h Haven’t heard techno alone at a club or event in Taipei. This was all techno from DJs Vertigo, Michelle, Mango and Kenji
  • 8h Also there were some pushy old ladies, old enough to be my mom #wtf
  • 8h It’s called a dancefloor for a reason people.
  • 8h At some point it was so hard that people left the dancefloor. Venue was small but cool. Lots of DBs on the dancefloor not dancing or moving
  • 8h Too much house in Taipei not enough Techno.
  • 8h Marco Bailey was awesome. I only kept thinking “harder!”
  • 8h Floors haven’t been this clean in a while.
  • 8h He must have been thinking “well, I already puked everywhere might as well add some pee” #inforapennyinforapound
  • 8h It’s been about 12 hours since I walked him but I guess that something went wrong
  • 8h Came home to puke and piss everywhere courtesy of Spike #livingwithafrenchie
  • 13h Les petits courants de bonheur dans un océan de déceptions.
  • 12h Forget what the art museums say. You can touch this art. An interactive “Starry Night” (
  • 8h @RachFee my ex and ur friend have something in common!
  • 21h Time to get cracking. Hopping in the shower and leaving in 20 minutes for Kaohsiung and Marco Bailey.
  • 22h My students love receipts and I give them all to them. Vicky won $200NT on one of mine.
  • 22h The number I want to hit this year is 273.
  • 22h Il faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler.
  • 22h Gonna do both. Iced coffee and a show before leaving.
  • 22h There are departures to Kaohsiung every few minutes, which is crazy. #HSR
  • 22h iPod for music, iPad to read, DSLR to take pics.
  • 22h Hard to imagine that I’ll be at a club 400 km away tonight and back by tomorrow morning. Not sleeping there.
  • 22h Id like to leave my stuff home, but I’m taking my iPod, iPad and D200 w me.
  • 22h Drink some coffee, watch something before I leave? Not sure.
  • 22h There was no traffic and most lights were out of service that late at night. Pretty awesome. Max speed 114kph
  • 22h Drove home from Gongguan Taipei to Banciao Jiangcizui in 6 minutes. holy crap. That was nice and fast. Usual commute is double.
  • 11 Feb …and then the crowd erupted! Awesome set by @erolalkan last night at The Wall in Taipei.
  • 22h @spangaroo @erolalkan hey dude, cool to have met you last night. Arrived home in a new personal best on my scooter. Tonight its Marco Bailey
  • 23h @ToddAlperovitz I know. I no longer teach grades 5 and 6. Too annoying. Other teachers have them. I have grades 2 and 4. They’re fine.
  • 23h Looks like I can take the KRTC from Zuoyng R16 directly to Sanduo Shopping District R8. The La Vida club is nearby.
  • 23h I’ve pretty much finished working. Time to walk Spike and start to get ready to leave by HSR for Kaohsiung.
  • 11 Feb Their obsession w bikinis is strange. Every time I say beginning, they hear bikini. I say start now to stop them from LOL
  • 11 Feb I hadn’t taught my grade 4 class since before CNY. Forgot how much fun I have with them.
  • 11 Feb Valentine’s day was invented by Hallmark.
  • 11 Feb I watched Source Code last night. I can’t decide if it was rather superb or rather shit.
  • 11 Feb Back to work. Already started and I am nearing the end.
  • 11 Feb Makes me happy Spike, my Frenchie #FebPhotoaday
  • 11 Feb February 11 2012 Makes Me Happy

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