My Daily Tweets 02.13.12

  • 1m Links Between Core Collapse Supernovae and Star Formation Established
  • 3m Weltunit Cardboard Gadget Stand: Just Don’t Get it Wet
  • 5m Nooka App for iOS: The 99 Cent Nooka Watch
  • 6m TheO Foam Ball: Throw Your Phone Around
  • 8m Acer Cloudmobile Smartphone: Android Livin’ in the Cloud
  • 10h Lyman alpha blobs, eh?…
  • 10h ESA’s Vega Rocket Has Launched on Its Maiden Voyage, Carries 9 Satellites
  • 10h Blind Golden Moles Have a Blue-Green Iridescent Sheen, a Rare Example in Mammals
  • 10h Moon Data Allows Creation of Detailed Lunar 3-D Map
  • 10h Elastomeric “Soft” Robots Running on Pneumatic Actuators
  • 10h Natural Gas Mining Could Leak Enough Methane, No Longer Considered as Clean
  • 10h Alright, close to 2AM, time to call it a day. Food and R&R before bed. A bit late for my taste though.
  • 11h hmm, that last post on core collapse supernova and star formation rate was almost academic.
  • 11h more puke from Spike. Hmm. if this persists, tomorrow, he will go to the vet.
  • 11h Cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics. I read the arXiv papers directly.
  • 11h Awesome #Justice track #Canon: via @youtube
  • 11h Closed that hours ago, at 8PM. It’s almost 1AM and I’m almost done.
  • 11h smartly closed FB tab/app coz you don’t work, you just chat.
  • 11h True friendship is built on mutual hate.
  • 11h “Naked blogging is the best”
  • 11h @sydnieoo_13 they’re in a different timezone, that’s why
  • 11h @Tortue ouaip. nul a chier, mais je dis pas ca en anglais.
  • 12h Spike has cooled down. No more panting=no more puking. #Frenchie #bulldog
  • 12h RIP Society. Scores of kids took to Twitter during last night’s #Grammys to ask, “who the **** is Paul McCartney?” (
  • 12h made Spike on the colder tiles in my apartment. That will cool him down.
  • 12h even though I took money w me, I forgot to get batteries. Managed to scrounge some around though.
  • 12h At least I know that he’s not sick, just a Frenchie.
  • 12h My Frenchie is badly designed. He gets hot, so he pants a lot, then he pukes a bit. Then, he sits next to the heater. Vicious circle
  • 12h @Juliee_Monroe moi too
  • 13h 4 more posts to go. I’m taking a break. It’s 23:21. Time to walk Spike, who’s been feeling under the weather, and get some batteries.
  • 13h Hmm, how did it get to 11PM already and I still have so much stuff to do? Might have to stop early or take a break to walk Spike.
  • 14h Hard to feel sorry for those who loved Whitney so much that they didn’t already own her music and are only willing to get it dirt cheap.
  • 14h Wowa, JVC $40 headphones sounded like a pair of cans. Sony MDR V700 are slightly better, but I need to get some AAA batteries tonight.
  • 14h Ran out of batteries on my Beats Studio headphones. Time for backup solutions. I’ve got 2, JVC and Sony DJ headphones.
  • 14h I guess it shows that I’m a writer when I use armamentarium in a science post.
  • 14h Unsurprisingly, Tokyo Disney Sea was bonkers, I fear the ‘Fantasmic’ water show may have irreparably blown my mind.
  • 14h eBay: you haven’t been paid. PayPal: you have been paid. SORT IT OUT YOU INCOMPETENT NINETIES WEBSITES.
  • 14h 4 down, 7 more to go? That can’t be right.
  • 14h I love it how eBay and PayPal don’t always talk to each other. If only they were run by the same people.
  • 14h Restarted #FF coz it was just too slow
  • 14h Dogs Underwater… via @trendsnow
  • 14h holy crap, forgotten how good #Canon by #Justice is.
  • 15h @RachFee FM, neither did I. It took 5 min for the shower to warm up. by then, I was almost done. Hell of a way to start the week.
  • 16h It’s like a sweater made of metal, #RyanReynolds about the C’D #TopGear
  • 16h I was 19, at that point, you’re just made out of rubber and magic, so I was fine #RyanReynolds #TopGear
  • 17h Morgan doesn’t have a styling department, they’ve got a photocopier, #Clarkson #TopGear
  • 19h Valentine’s Day by @xkcd. Spot on.
  • 22h wow, the morning and early afternoon were not productive at all.
  • 22h Portrait | Victoria Germyn by Jesse Laitinen… via @fashgonerogue
  • 22h Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann for Dansk S/S 2012… via @fashgonerogue
  • 22h Why did I just see a pic of Rihanna looking like Farrah Fawcett?
  • 13 Feb “A photographer shoots 20,000 to 60,000 images on assignment. Of those, a dozen will see the published light of day”
  • 22h @Rory_Phillips @karenplusone enjoyed your set @ The Wall on Friday night!
  • 13 Feb My Daily Tweets 02.12.12

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