My Daily Tweets 02.16.12

  • 2m Spectra Creates Doubt on Cause of Eta Carinae Stellar Explosion
  • 4m Darth Vader with Parasol: Keeping the Dark Side in the Shade
  • 6m Aqua Tek S Rugged iPhone Case Laughs in the Face of the Great Outdoors
  • 5h Game of Thrones-isms gaining popularity in my house. She called me a turncloak and threatened to call in her bannermen. Seven hells.
  • 5h McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The Long Walk: A Column About Washington: The Streisand Effect.:… via @AddThis
  • 5h Galaxy Note: Samsung’s Super-Sized Galaxy Note Changed My Life – @Gizmodo…
  • 5h Highest Recorded Rates of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
  • 5h Cancer-Causing Mutations Disrupt Cells’ Ability to Differentiate
  • 5h I mean I like pure algebra, but 3 classes of it in one semester? At the graduate level? WTF NTNU!
  • 6h @CatherineShu me.
  • 6h Friend on FB just ordered me to go to sleep. I will do so.
  • 8h Too much sex, too little Jesus.
  • 8h Was freaking cold on the scooter today. Bc of the nice weather, I wasn’t wearing enough layers.
  • 8h World Press Photo Contest 2012 – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus
  • 8h We have an upcoming 4-day weekend next week. looking forward to some time off.
  • 8h Tomorrow, I’m teaching 10 hours in a row. No breaks. I like that coz today I had 2.5h of breaks.
  • 9h The only thing I didn’t have time for is going to the bank. I need to pick up my ARC tomorrow, but probably won’t have any time.
  • 9h Managed to get from Xinjhuang to Gongguan, Taipei in 16 minutes today. Way back added 4 more minutes, at 20.
  • 9h and yes, crashed. Down to 580 unread items in my Greader. Almost there.
  • 9h I have a feeling that #FF is about to crash.
  • 9h Marique Schimmel by Benny Horne for Bon International S/S 2012… via @fashgonerogue
  • 9h having taught all day wiped me out so when I came back home, I needed a nap.
  • 9h For some reason, there are no interesting analysis classes and I need 7 more credits to graduate.
  • 9h Instead of napping, I GTD and registered for classes: Homological Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory, and Algebraic Geometry.
  • 10h “Dolphin sex can be violent and coercive”
  • 11h Do not drill #walkingtoworktoday
  • 18h Morning world!
  • 16 Feb Today I have a couple of hours off between classes. I haven’t decied what to do: nap or drive to Taipei to GTD.
  • 16 Feb Time to walk Spike. He stopped puking last night, so I guess he’s feeling better.
  • 16 Feb My Daily Tweets 02.15.12

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