Leopard Night @ Show House, Taichung, Cookie, Kolette, Salamander, Spykee, Mykal

Leopard event flyer

When a friend mentioned that there was an event in Taichung, a city to which he had just moved to, I jumped at the chance to go there. Even though I’ve been in Taiwan for a while, I haven’t seen much of the island. That being said, after having worked most of the day on Saturday, I took the 8PM HSR to get to Taichung. Before the event, we went around the Feng Shia nightmarket. I don’t mind nightmarkets, but I don’t really like the big crowds. After we had eaten, drank a Red Bull at 7-11, we were on our way.

Look, touch, and pay

My friend had warned me that it would be pretty strange, because the club, Show House, usually hired go-go girls to go around the crowd, do lapdances and stuff like that. I didn’t know how bad it would get.

I was immediately surprised at the amount of go-go girls in the place. To be fair, there were also some dudes mixed up in there, but honestly it was a bit much and ruined the vibe, especially since they were basically soliciting people for drinks and money. They were also quite aggressive, which is another thing that I didn’t like.

The Leopard event was curtailed almost immediately, at around midnight, when at least 20 cop cars arrived to check permits, IDs, and to snoop for drugs. They left about an hour later. I’ve been told that this is quite common in Taichung, since a club burned down and people died.

The music wasn’t that good to start out with. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t really like Salamander’s set. It reminded me of some offbeat German EBM from the 90s. Anyway, another DJ started at around 1AM. His name was Mykal and I didn’t like his music either. For some reason, he was using his iPod to mix. It didn’t make much sense, and it sounded to me like he had put it on random for his set.

Things got better when Cookie Lai started spinning. She was quite good and I liked her music, but her mixes were a bit strange at times. Lots of ups and downs, something that I think is good to do in smaller doses. Nevertheless, she’s hot, dressed nicely, and spun good music. She started playing at 3AM. At around 4AM, another DJ took over. He had played earlier that night. Actually, he was playing when we arrived at around 10:30PM.

The night was saved by the people I met. I met Ellis, a music producer, who was thinking among the same lines I was about the event, Kevin and his friend, with whom Jean-François and I were talking French to, and other people from the Association Française de Taichung.

After getting my stuff, I headed off to the HSR station in Taichung and took the first train back, at 6:30AM. I arrived at 7:21AM, took the MRT and was home at around 7:35AM. This time around, I bought the non-reserved tickets, which are 30% cheaper than the usual fare.

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