DJ Bone @ The Wall February 24 2012

DJ Anthony giving it a go before DJ Bone

As usual, the good techno events tend to be on Fridays. I have no idea why, but it makes for an eventful Friday, especially since I was teaching 11.5 hours that day, which included being part of my school’s speech contest. I was pretty tired by the time I got home at 9PM that I went to bed almost immediately, even with a Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato, ingested only a couple of hours earlier.

Close-up of the mixing console in the back

I got up at 11:30PM, and got ready to leave. I had also just bought a ticket, which was slightly cheaper ($5 USD) than paying full price at the door. Since it was drizzling, I didn’t break any speed records getting there, but I managed to do so in about 8 minutes from Banciao, which is sweet.

Once there, I heard techno but before heading in, I met some friends drinking beers outside. We hung out for about 10 minutes, and then I went in. This time, there was only one room, the main one, and it was arranged the same way it’s usually done for big DJs.

I like The Wall. It’s got a nice, dark dancefloor, good lighting effects, and the people are usually nice. I met a couple of my friends, DJs, locals, and foreigners, and started to get into it. I wasn’t expecting what was in store. DJ Bone is an excellent DJ, almost a turntablist. He mixed CDs with vinyls, and had 5 decks, 3 turntables and 2 CDJs, going at the same time. Instead of just mixing the music, he created new beats, kind of like what Erol Alkan did a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll be honest, Detroit techno isn’t my favorite kind of techno, but I really enjoyed his set. They had a camera on him and a LCD projector letting the crowd appreciate his cuts and mixes, which transfixed me at times.

The crowd was a mix of people, including a couple of Dbags, but there were also a couple of bboys and bgirls, dancing away, which is what I like. That and the ravers. I hung out with Yoshi, Vertigo, and a couple of other DJs, appreciating the incredible mixes. It was a good night and the drive back home took about 7 minutes.



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