Survivor One World Is Out the Window S24E03 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies.

From the beginning of this episode, it looked like the women were heading down the spiral, but they managed to pull off two wins over the boys, allowing them to skip tribal council. Their camp is still in shatters and they continually beg for stuff from the boys without giving anything back, and that’s starting to piss them off. I don’t think that they will continue to give them embers and fire.

In the men’s camp, we finally get to meet some of the characters. I hadn’t realized how stupid Bill was, and this was nicely pointed out by Colton. He’s an imbecile, kind of like Kat. Actually, he’s probably worse because he’s very loud. Matt thought that he had the game under control, but that didn’t last long, as everyone not included in his alliance decided to get rid of him. Even some of his own alliance voted against him.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

At Salani, the focus is on Kat because of her idiotic move during the last challenge. She also broke down during tribal. There is a chance that they will get rid of her.

Colton and Ben invite the girls over to their camp because a big storm is coming.

The girls stay at their camp. They didn’t get any sleep. That wasn’t a smart move. The next day, they beg the boys to lay by their fire. Matt isn’t happy about the situation.

It’s time for the next challenge. One at a time, the tribe members will square off in a memory game. They must check out a series of objects behind a curtain. Then they pull a lever and try to recreate it.

Up for grabs, full fishing gear with a canoe.

Sabrina and Matt start off. Sabrina wins against Matt. It’s Colton vs Monica. Monica has it right. The girls have a 2-0 lead. Alycia beats Jay. Troyzan shuts the curtains after 1 second. Ridiculous. It takes them 7 times before one of the dim players gets it right. Kat wins.

It’s Bill vs Christina, and Christina wins. Women win reward. That won’t do much good.

Back at camp, the girls fail to make fire so they go begging for an ember. The boys give them one, but they are starting to get pissed off at all of the handouts.

A few seconds later, Chelsea and Alicia go to men’s fire again. Once again, Jay lets them know that they will take the boat out. Alicia isn’t hearing them.

One world is out the window.

Tarzan sends them out to discuss it with the girls. He asks for a consensus. Kim tells her tribe that they should give them all of the fishing gear and the boat.

We’re girls, we’re not meant to be beaten down this way.

The next day, the girls take the boat out. They catch some fish.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One person is the caller. The other tribe members will be tied up in pairs. The caller has to direct the pairs through a series of obstacles. At then end, they will release puzzle pieces. Once all 5 puzzle bags have been found, the caller will use them to solve a puzzle.

The men weren’t smart in their last challenge. They sat out Leif and Tarzan, meaning that both of them have to play in this challenge. I think they’re lucky, since it will probably not affect the outcome of this challenge.

Bill and Sab are the callers. The guys have their first bag. Then they have their 2nd bag. Tarzan and Troyzan get their 3rd bag. The girls get the 1st bag. Immediately after, the men get the 4th bag. The women get their 2nd. The men get the fifth and final bag. The women get their 3rd. Bill heads down to work on the puzzle.

The women get the 4th bag. The puzzle involves assembling the leaves of a tree. The pieces interlock. The girls get their last bag. Sab can start to work on the puzzle. Bill is making good progress.

The women have caught up. Sabrina is making good progress. The women are working well together. The lead is gone. The women win immunity. Wow, incredible. I never thought that they’d make it.

You’re ghetto trash.
Colton about Bill

Colton tells his alliance that he wants Bill gone. There’s a problem because Tarzan thinks that Matt is the biggest threat. Jay comes over and decides to join their misfit alliance.

Matt sidles up but they send him packing. Right after, he takes Troy aside and starts talking about roosters and chicken. Troy nods his head, but isn’t interested. He tells everything to his alliance. They are still on the fence about whether to vote for Matt or Bill.

It’s time for tribal. Immediately, Colton comes out and says that he’s not going home because he’s got an idol. That’s stupid. When will these people learn? The power of the idol is to keep it a secret and use it when you see fit. Not boast about it. Well, the muscle boys were going to throw votes Colton’s way, so he should use it, no matter what happens.

It comes out that Colton spends out a lot of time with the women. Jeff thinks that he’s an idiot because he’s not on their tribe. He makes it obvious that he’s an imbecile.

Tarzan says that Colton is important, because he’s already made alliances with the women, and he’s already got a plan for the long run.

Bill is another idiot. He makes no sense. Tarzan, Colton and some of the others aren’t impressed with what he’s got to say.

Colton didn’t play the idol.

Votes to Evict

Bill Matt
Colton Matt
Jay Matt
Jonas Matt
Leif Matt
Matt Colton
Mike Bill
Tarzan Matt
Troyzan Matt

Matt is voted out by a 7-1-1 (Matt, Colton, Bill). Before leaving, Tarzan wanted to see the last two votes. Jeff says no. Even Bill voted for him.

* * * * *

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