My Daily Tweets 03-06-12

  • 2m Pikaia Gracilens Revealed as Possible Genetic Ancestors to All Vertebrates
  • 4m Italian Volcano Etna Has Its Third Eruption of 2012
  • 5m Central American Bats Harbor a New Subtype of Influenza
  • 8m Sam Kerr iPhone Portraits: Who Needs Paint and Canvas?
  • 11m Omniscent Siri 3D Printed iPhone Cover: The Ghost in the Machine
  • 11h Congratulations to President-elect Putin! I look forward to recycling this tweet for decades to come.
  • 9h Mixing up Downton Abbey, Arrested Development, and @Missouri_Review:…
  • 10h There’s a cool music app in the McSweeney’s app that I had fun with.
  • 10h Still haven’t figured out the logistics, but since I’ll already be in Taipei on my scooter, I might just drive there and then drive to work
  • 10h I’m booked pretty solid over the next couple of days so I can go the the Taipei Cycle show on Thursday afternoon.
  • 11h About to walk Spike, and yes, it’s raining. FML.
  • 12h @GreatDismal: LulzSec leader operated from housing project, commanded 1000s of hackers, flipped by Feds |… via @slashdot
  • 11h #Danger5 was pretty funny. I’ve always said that Nazis aren’t dying enough on TV and in movies.
  • 12h An encore of bullets. #Danger5
  • 12h You’ve landed yourself in a Wednesday casserole situation, and we’re here to get you out of it #Danger5
  • 12h They will be right in the middle of a Nazi minestrone Jack #Danger5
  • 12h Don’t look at it, you’ll go blind with sorrow. #Danger5
  • 12h Hitler will be the 8th wonder of the world #Danger5
  • 12h I burn for you #Danger5
  • 12h Everyone is smoking in #Danger5
  • 12h Of course, as always, kill Hitler! #Danger5
  • 12h At 9AM this morning, the Nazis stole the Eiffel Tower #Danger5
  • 12h Dinner, or at least the start of it.
  • 12h Time for some grub. I haven’t eaten much today and I’m curious to check out #Danger5 on #SBS #Australia
  • 12h I can worry about my website once I’ve applied for doctoral programs, hopefully in 1 or 2 weeks.
  • 12h And simply getting it printed out. Hopefully I can get that done nearby cheaply. 100 should do for now naturally they have asterisks on them
  • 12h I need business cards by Thursday for the Taipei Cycle Show, in which I’m attending as Asterisk*Cycles. I’m using an old design I made
  • 12h worked a total of 12 hours today, time to quit before I exhaust myself again. I wrote 7 posts after class and teaching as well.
  • 12h Saturn’s Largest Moon Titan Seen in Unprecedented Detail
  • 13h Today, dealing with Taiwanese administration was a bit of a brainfuck.
  • 14h @MichaelSurtees ha, thanks!
  • 15h Watching Taiwan TV while waiting for the Internet guy to come. I fell like my brain being contaminated by too much 廢話
  • 14h McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: List: Mathematical Translations of Popular Refrains.:… via @AddThis
  • 14h ZAC FASHION: Katy Perry by Mikael Jansson for Interview March 2012,…
  • 15h That’s why they’re scratched
  • 15h Been told by the optometrist that I push too hard on the lens when I clean it w microfiber. I need a more delicate touch.
  • 15h Firefox was running w 1.5GB of RAM while Chrome was using 50MB WTF Mozilla?
  • 15h Did I actually see someone walking a cat in a baby carriage? Yes.
  • 16h Catherine McNeil by Max Doyle for Vogue Australia April 2012… via @fashgonerogue
  • 16h @RacyZephyr It can never be too short unless you’re naked.
  • 18h I guess this mini I’m wearing today is a little too short!
  • 6 Mar I’m going to need at least 100 cups of coffee to get me through today.
  • 16h Craptastic or lame? Can’t decide DANGER 5 TRAILER: via @youtube
  • 19h Lathmar Holi festival… via @BostonUpdate
  • 19hTornadoes Roar Through South, Midwest – In Focus – The Atlantic… via @in_focus
  • 19h My Daily Tweets 03-05-12

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