Survivor One World Bum Puzzled S24E04 (CBS)

Survivor One World

This season starts out with two surprises. Well, not really, but two changes to the game. The first thing is that the two tribes will be living in the same camp. The other thing is that it’s men vs women, kind of like on The Apprentice. Good or bad? In my opinion, it’s mostly good. A bunch of women together is a recipe for disaster. They will immediately start bickering, infighting and just making things go wrong. This is what happens with the ladies.

I got to admit that I didn’t see this one coming. Someone had mentioned that this would be an interesting episode. It’s only in the last 10 minutes or so that you actually see why. The men won the immunity challenge, but Colton decided to give it away and go to tribal again so that they could vote off either Leif or Bill. I think that the town of Stupidville has got some new residents. Don’t these people watch Survivor? Why would you want to lose a member of your tribe voluntarily? The women were just laughing at their fortune.

Colton has to be one of the stupidest players in the lot, and he’s so aggressive that the other members are scared of him. It’s kind of funny to watch. Colton is blatantly racist and none of his tribe calls him out on this. Tarzan was too busy calling Leif a traitor. I honestly can’t believe that they got rid of another strong member of their tribe. You know what will happen, the women will win more challenges and the men will be pared down even more.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Misfit Alliance sent overconfident Matt home. Tarzan tells Troyzan that they can leave Mike around. The next guy to go is Bill.

He’s a smart cookie.
Troyzan about Bill

The women are having snails for breakfast. Jonas tells the women that they want to use their net in exchange for half of the catch. Chelsea tells them no. How stupid is that?

It’s time for the next reward challenge. They will take turns to fire coconuts from a slingshot at a tile wall. They are playing for comfort (pillows, mattress, quilts), tarp, donuts with coffee and supplies.

The first couple of shots hit the board but don’t knock down enough planks until Tarzon connects. Kat quickly evens the score. They need to get five in a row. Mike connects for the men. They have 2. Monica obliterates target. Colton goes high. Tarzan hits the frame. Sabrina hits the target. The women have 3 connected in a row. Mike is short. Leif goes too high. Kim connects for the women and gets the fourth in a row. Kat is already celebrating. Jonas connects and Chelsea knocks out another target, but not in the right row.

Monica wins it for the women. They win their third straight challenge. Kat is annoying. They choose the tarp.

Leif tells Bill that Colton wanted him out.

That little Munchkin is about to get knocked back to Oz.

Mike tells Colton that he saw Leif talking to Bill. Colton has him convened for an audience and tears him a new asshole for telling Bill that they were going after him.

He’s turning into an annoying Oompa-loompa.

The tribes get a puzzle in tree mail. It’s a riddle. Immediately Kat and Alicia start arguing about doing puzzles.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be paired up and race across teeter-totters to retrieve keys. Three keys release the flag.

The men sit out Jonas. Tarzan and Colton are playing. Colton bullies him around. Jay and Michael are going next. Alicia and Chelsea are still doing they first puzzle. Guys have put together their 2nd puzzle. Troyzan and Bill are doing on the 3rd.

Chelsea cheats and looks at what the men did. The women have the 1st puzzle finally. Kim and Sabrina head to the 2nd puzzle. Tarzan keeps shouting cheaters. The men solve the 3rd puzzle and head back. Leif unlocks the locks and they win immunity.

Alysha was nervously laughing after the challenge at how bad she was. It was embarrassing. All of the girls, and Jeff, noticed and called her out on it. It paints a target on her back, if there wasn’t one already.

Sabrina is pissed off.

Alicia is just dead weight with a mouth.

Sabrina talks it over with Kim.

Bill wants to talk with Colton, but he doesn’t want to. Colton is digging his own grave. Now, Bill is in his face.

Colton is talking to Troyzan and Jonas. He stupidly says that he would want to switch with the girls and go to tribal. Colton is an idiot.

Colton talks to Jay who disagrees. Troyzan talks to Tarzan and they agree. Tarzan idiotically goes to see Chelsea and tells her that they want to give them the immunity idol. Chelsea looks extremely surprised at the old, fat man.

Tarzan gives a speech and then says that they are going to send Leif home. WTF.

The Manano tribe has lost their marbles.

I’m completely bum-puzzled right now.

The men go to tribal. Jeff is flabbergasted. The men are idiots. Total idiots. Jay says that he agreed reluctantly because the whole tribe wanted to go. Then Colton starts saying that he hates Bill. Then he starts to cry.

-I have African-American people in my life.
-My housekeeper

Colton continues to dig his own grave during tribal. If anyone has got the guts, now is the time to get rid of that pissy little brat.

Wow, Colton is a stuck-up racist. Tarzan interjects and says that he is tired about people talking about racism. What an idiot!

Votes to Evict

Bill Leif
Colton Bill
Jay Bill
Jonas Bill
Leif Bill
Mike Bill
Tarzan Bill
Troyzan Bill

Bill is voted out by a 7-1 vote (Bill, Leif).

* * * * *

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37 thoughts on “Survivor One World Bum Puzzled S24E04 (CBS)”

  1. Even reading the recap now, I still can’t believe it. I’m at a loss for words. I don’t understand why the men didn’t just vote Colton out immediately. How could they sit and listen to him and NOT vote him out. I am still shocked. I think Bill handled it all with graciousness. He should not have been the one going home. As for Colton, I’ve seen some pretty amazing idiots on Survivor, but this guy will go down as the all-time a-hole.

    What’s even more amazing, the teaser for this week makes it look like Colton is gaining more power because of a switch in the game. At first I was mildly amused with Colton, in the first few episodes. No more. There are no redeeming qualities in that guy. We’ll see it the others do the right this week and vote that ignoramus out of there.

    Just heard the teaser now on tv, and it said they are going to switch tribes and Colton will become a Super Villain. (please, people, just vote him OUT!)

    1. The men are definitely redefining idiocy with their gameplay. Now that Matt and some of the other strong alpha males are out, the others just follow Colton because they are scared. I thought for sure that Colton dug his own grave with his racist statements during tribal, but I guess I was wrong.

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