Awake Guilty S01E03 (NBC)

Awake inter title, via Wikipedia

Awake is a new police procedural drama on NBC, that was initially green lit as a mid-season replacement. The show seems straightforward, but it isn’t because there is a twist. Britten awakes after a traumatic accident that leaves him torn between two realities. In one, his son is alive. In the other, his wife is alive. To differentiate between the two, the filmography is slightly tinged for green and red for the different realities. Jason Isaacs also wears a rubber band that’s either red or green to help him keep track where he is.

The premise is quite interesting, but if I were Britten, I wouldn’t confide in shrinks about what was going on. That’s just a way to get locked up in the loony bin, especially since Britten is a detective.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A prisoner is getting dialysis. He uses this opportunity to escape. This is in the green reality. His name is John Cooper. Britten made the arrest years ago. Cooper shot and killed the dealer who provided dope to his 14-year old son.

On the way to a tennis tournament, Rex gets abducted by Cooper. Joe’s old partner is there to be part of the manhunt. Bird knows him already. Cooper wants his kidney?

Cooper’s nurse helped him out. Tara is here. She had a message from Cooper on her home phone. Britten does a reverse lookup and finds out that the call was made from outside the station. He goes outside, and finds a homeless dude wearing Cooper’s clothes. The pay phone rings. It’s Rex. Cooper says that Britten should follow his instructions, or Rex is dead.

Cooper has a meet with Britten. He wants him to prove who set him up. The cops end up following him and they end up shooting him because he had a gun. He dies.

Britten is pissed that they followed him.

In the red reality, Britten starts the investigation on his end of the multiverse. He skips out on a fundraiser where they dedicated something to Rex. He goes to see Cooper. Cooper thinks that it was a cop who framed him. It leads Britten to his old partner Jim. Britten is wearing a wire. Jim took some money. Jim denies that he is involved.

Jim says that there isn’t much left. The cops arrest him. This lets Cooper off the hook. He gives up the location in the desert.

In the green reality, they go to the place to save Rex.

* * * * *

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