Awake Pilot S01E01 (NBC)

Awake inter title, via Wikipedia

Awake is a new police procedural drama on NBC, that was initially green lit as a mid-season replacement. The show seems straightforward, but it isn’t because there is a twist. Britten awakes after a traumatic accident that leaves him torn between two realities. In one, his son is alive. In the other, his wife is alive. To differentiate between the two, the filmography is slightly tinged for green and red for the different realities. Jason Isaacs also wears a rubber band that’s either red or green to help him keep track where he is.

The premise is quite interesting, but if I were Britten, I wouldn’t confide in shrinks about what was going on. That’s just a way to get locked up in the loony bin, especially since Britten is a detective.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This pilot was released a while ago, but it has taken me until now to actually see it. The show starts with a car accident. After the accident, the man involved lives his life in two realities, one in which his wife is alive and in one where his son is alive.

The man is a detective. He is being babysat by a new detective Wega. He’s in therapy. In one reality, the therapist is a man and in the other, it’s a woman. He wears a rubber band on his wrist to differentiate the realities.

In the green reality, the parents of a kid got killed. The kid is missing. In the green reality, the detective’s son abandoned football to take up his mother’s sport tennis.

In the red reality, the psychiatrist was recommended by the department and he is confrontational.

He can’t tell if he’s awake or asleep at this moment.

In the red reality, they are chasing a killer who targets cab drivers. In the green reality, he’s got the same partner Bird, from whom he was split up in the red reality.

In the green reality, the son is being coached by Tara, who played with the dead wife.

Britten thinks that he’s going crazy pants when he notices that details between the realities start crossing over. He notices it the first time when the address 611 Waverly appears in both.

The wife wants to get preggers again. She also quit her job and applied to some cooking schools. In the red reality, his partner’s kid is playing tennis.

One morning, Britten wakes up and doesn’t find a rubber band on his wrist. He starts looking for his wife. His son is also gone. He cuts his hand to see if it will bleed and hurt. His wife appears. When she bandages him, he finds the rubber band in the bed.

Wega and Britten go to see the witness. Britten has got a feeling. The killer uses disguises. He thinks that the witness is the killer. They miss him and he almost escapes, but Wega puts him down.

In the green reality, Bird and Britten are the parking spot. Britten realizes that the matching dry patches aren’t of two cars but of a car and an RV. They trace the RV to a registered sex offender, who’s got his by some lake. They get the pedophile. Once again, the partner kills him.

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