Awake The Little Guy S01E02 (NBC)

Awake inter title, via Wikipedia

Awake is a new police procedural drama on NBC, that was initially green lit as a mid-season replacement. The show seems straightforward, but it isn’t because there is a twist. Britten awakes after a traumatic accident that leaves him torn between two realities. In one, his son is alive. In the other, his wife is alive. To differentiate between the two, the filmography is slightly tinged for green and red for the different realities. Jason Isaacs also wears a rubber band that’s either red or green to help him keep track where he is.

The premise is quite interesting, but if I were Britten, I wouldn’t confide in shrinks about what was going on. That’s just a way to get locked up in the loony bin, especially since Britten is a detective.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A fertility doctor was killed using potassium chloride. It was almost untraceable but the pathologist was suspicious. His name is Bernard MacKenzie. This is in the green reality.

In the red reality, Britten finds out that Rex had some mail delivered to another address. There was a box with a camshaft. The boys were secretly restoring an old motorcycle. In this reality, MacKenzie is a dead homeless guy. Another homeless guy says that MacKenzie was shot by a little guy.

In the green reality, the suspect is the doctor’s ex-partner in the practice. He’s very tall and says that he was watching TV. He doesn’t have an alibi. Britten doesn’t think that he did it, so he probes further about what he was watching on telly. It turns out that he knows enough details about the football broadcast to provide him with an alibi.

They check out the death threats that the clinic had. They find out that the clinic’s records were hacked and 20 minutes after MacKenzie’s death, 20 records were deleted.

They trace the hack to a kid named Sam, who’s mom was a patient and her file was also deleted. The hacker was trying to find out information about his dad, who died right before he was born. His mom used his sperm to get inseminate herself.

Bird is a bit annoyed at how the investigation is going. Rex has got a girlfriend named Emma and he is also working on the bike with his friend Cole.

The Captain in the red reality orders Britten to move onto another case.

In the green reality, Britten has the pathologist go through the deleted medical records which were recovered. The finds that MacKenzie substituted his own sperm for the one he was supposed to use for artificial inseminations.

They question the kid Sam again. They’ve started to find evidence about on him. He found out that MacKenzie was his father. Sam found 15 records in the last 3 years. There are possibly hundreds of them. He’s a minor and they are talking to him without an adult.

They arrest him.

In the other reality, they didn’t find out anything. The case involves the Captain, that’s why she was acting so bitchy.

In both realities, Britten goes to see the bike. In one his son is riding it in the other, his wife is.

In the red reality, the Captain is reporting to someone. She says that she is monitoring him. Those people are responsible for taking out his family. A little guy was used to take out his family.

* * * * *

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