My Daily Tweets 03-18-12

  • 6m didn’t sleep well and that’s put me in a somewhat grumpy mood. A bit of music will help me relax, while I catch up on my stupid feeds.
  • 8m That class already has problematic students. It’s just gotten worse.
  • 8m new kid in my grade 2 class is driving me slightly bonkers. If I’m not on his ass to complete classwork, he just plays.
  • 4h David Kassan’s Amazing iPad Portraits
  • 4h Alessi’s Grow Watch Ripples onto Wrists
  • 4h OSSA Monocasco Electric Bike Concept: 1970s Style, 21st Century Tech
  • 4h Angryman iPhone Stand Makes iPhones Happy, Not Mad
  • 22h WHOA. WHOAAA. #KONY2012 video creator found semi-naked & screaming at traffic. @BBCnews report:
  • 16h In “Pinky and the Brain,” Brain’s name is supposed to be an acronym for “Biological Recombinant Algorithmic Intelligence Nexus”
  • 15h Tsé quand y faut que tu Facebook qq pour te rappeler c qui…
  • 15h Listening to that Sunlounger track feat Zara Taylor on repeat when I’m not listening to ASOT 2012 by Armin van Buuren
  • 16h “He’s way too into me, what’s wrong with him?” 😳 “He’s not into me enough, what’s wrong with me?” 😭 #shitmyfriendssay
  • 16h being sad is just an excuse for not being strong.
  • 15h Awake Guilty S01E03 (NBC)
  • 15h Awake The Little Guy S01E02 (NBC)
  • 15h Awake Pilot S01E01 (NBC)
  • 16h Survivor One World A Bunch of Idiots S24E05 (CBS)
  • 16h Jersey Shore Living Without Jionni S05E11 (MTV)
  • 21h I’m pretty sure drunk skyping is the new drunk dialing.
  • 20h “A megapixel image… is a point in a million-dimensional vector space.” – Terence Tao 19h


  • 17h Religion is just an excuse for hating people.
  • 22h @lindymei where do you live, Taipei or Mad Max? lol read some comments about how u messed up some bitches 😛
  • 22h @lindymei school? Yep, school.
  • 22h time for a nap. it’s Sunday, so it’s legal.
  • 18 Mar My students love Studio Ghibli movies. They had fun writing a review on some of them.
  • 18 Mar @jeansnow yeah, that was cool in ep 7. They didn’t like the Germans.
  • 18 Mar You look like you have a sinking ship to abandon somewhere.
  • 18 Mar My Daily Tweets 03-17-12

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